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Winner - Tom Daly 100%, Jesse Owens 95.8%
Somerset Bridge Primary School, Stockmoor Drive, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 6AH
01278 422100
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Somerset Bridge Values
Aspire to be the best we can in our behaviour, our learning and our hopes and dreams.
Brave to challenge ourselves and take risks so that we achieve the best we can.
Care for our school environment, so that we maintain a safe, sustainable and healthy community and set an example for life choices both within and outside of school.
Collaborate with all members of the community – pupils, parents, staff, governors, neighbouring schools and organisations in the local area - ensuring that all contributions are encouraged and valued.

Meet the Governors

Somerset Bridge Primary School governing body are all unpaid volunteers. We are elected every four years and our members represent different areas of the school community. We have Parent Governors, who are elected by the parents of children attending the school; Staff Governors, one of whom must be the Headteacher; Community Governors  who are appointed for the skills they bring and Local Authority Governors, who are appointed by local government. All Governors have equal status regardless of how they are appointed.  We publish an annual report for parents which sets out how well the school is doing in terms of educational progress, what we will be focusing on over the coming months and the targets we aim to attain moving forward. 


The thoughts and opinions of parents are very welcome, so please speak to the Parent Governors if you have any concerns or ideas to help us improve what we do.


The main role of the Governing Body is to support and monitor the running of the school at a strategic level which we manage with regular monthly meetings during term time.  We work closely with the Headteacher in making long-term decisions on the direction and performance of the school. We look at every aspect of school life such as attainment, budgets, curriculum, staffing, buildings, uniform, attendance and behaviour. We set the school policies and decide how and where money will be spent. The most important job by far, however, is ensuring that the children that come to Somerset Bridge receive the very best education, surpass the targets set for them and do so in an environment where they feel safe, valued and inspired to be the best they can be. 


The Headteacher is responsible for the leadership and management of the school on a day-to-day basis; the Governing Body will support and advise where appropriate and hold the Head to account for the decisions he makes. We must ensure that the school operates within the rules set out by Government and the Local Authority, lives up to our school aims whilst constantly striving to achieve the very best standards possible.  


If you have any thoughts or views on the governance of our school, please let us know. Your opinions are very important to us. You can contact us through the Clerk to the Governing Body on 01278 422100 or email

Our Governors 

We are one Governing body and have no sub-committees, each Governor attends every meeting.



Appointing Body

Office Term



Business Interests

Staff relationships

Any other governance

Shane StevensChairLEA17/10/2019 to 16/10/2023AllSafeguardingNone      
Susan LeyVice ChairCo-opted01/02/2019 to 31/01/2023AllHealth and WellbeingNone      
Nathan MurdochGovernorCo-opted01/02/2019 to 31/01/2023AllHealth and SafetyNone      
Anne MoseleyGovernorElected Staff16/10/2019 to 15/10/2023All None      
Heather Moffatt GovernorElected Parent22/11/2019 to 21/11/2023AllSENDNone      
Emma KilnerGovernorCo-opted17/03/2022 to 16/03/2026All None      
Laura DevenishGovernorCo-opted13/05/2021 to 12/05/2025AllFinanceNone      
Darren ArgraveGovernorCo-opted30/10/2021 to 29/10/2025All NoneWife is a teacherNo
Kevin BryantGovernorHeadteacher All None No


Our Governors' attendance for 2020/2021


Governor % Attendance of all meetings
Shane Stevens100%
Susan Ley87.5% missed one meeting
Anne Moseley87.5% missed one meeting
Nathan Murdoch87.5% missed one meeting
Gareth Jones87.5% missed one meeting
Heather Moffatt87.5% missed one meeting
Laura Devenish100%
Kevin Bryant100%