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Somerset Bridge Values
Aspire to be the best we can in our behaviour, our learning and our hopes and dreams.
Brave to challenge ourselves and take risks so that we achieve the best we can.
Care for our school environment, so that we maintain a safe, sustainable and healthy community and set an example for life choices both within and outside of school.
Collaborate with all members of the community – pupils, parents, staff, governors, neighbouring schools and organisations in the local area - ensuring that all contributions are encouraged and valued.

Breakfast and After School Clubs

Magic Breakfast

Somerset Bridge Primary School is proud to be in partnership with Magic Breakfast, providing healthy breakfasts to our pupils so that they are ready to learn.

Magic Breakfast provides us with nutritious breakfast food to ensure children start their school day in the best possible way.  Breakfast gives children the energy needed for the busy school morning, enabling them to focus on their learning.

In addition to provision before school, Magic Breakfast is currently delivered to the children who want it in their classrooms from 8.40 – 9.00am (changes due to Covid).  Magic Breakfast is available for any child across the school – either for those who have not had the chance to have breakfast at home, for those who find the transition between home and school difficult or for those who need a supportive start to the school day. Please speak to your child’s class teacher if your child currently doesn’t attend but you feel it would be beneficial for them.


Before and After School club is operated by Somerset Bridge Nursery during term time from 8.00am to 6.00pm.  The Clubs are managed by the Deputy Nursery Managers, and are run on a day-to-day basis by our Breakfast and After School Club Leaders and their teams.


Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club opens at 8.00am.  Children are able to have breakfast if they wish, which consists of a choice of cereals, and toast, with milk or water to drink.  If your child has a dietary requirement, please contact the nursery at and we can work together to meet your child's needs. 

After breakfast, the children are free to choose from a variety of activities, such as board games, drawing, role play or construction until it is time to go to school.

All school children are walked to their classrooms at 8.45am by the team.


After School Club

After School Club is currently running from the school hall and is available from school finish time until 6.00pm.  Children are collected from their classes at the end of the school day by the After School Club team, and taken to the nursery.  Activities are varied, and are usually based around a weekly theme, which the children take it in turns to choose.  A light snack is provided for those staying later than 4.15pm.  Snacks are varied, and include beans on toast, wraps, crackers, or bagels, with a choice of fruit, and milk or water to drink.  Again, we are happy to cater for dietary requirements.


Behaviour Agreement

At Breakfast and After School Club we provide a place for children to eat, relax, play games and have fun before and after school.

It is very important to us that all the children who attend the clubs feel welcome, happy and safe, and in order to achieve this we have created a Behaviour Agreement which we ask all children, parents and staff to sign.  Please click on the links below to have a look at our Behaviour Agreement and Terms & Conditions.


If you have any questions, or would like to ask about a place for your child, please call the Nursery on 01278 452095.

Send us an email or pop in to speak to someone. 


Click on the link below for prices.