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Aspire to be the best we can in our behaviour, our learning and our hopes and dreams.
Brave to challenge ourselves and take risks so that we achieve the best we can.
Care for our school environment, so that we maintain a safe, sustainable and healthy community and set an example for life choices both within and outside of school.
Collaborate with all members of the community – pupils, parents, staff, governors, neighbouring schools and organisations in the local area - ensuring that all contributions are encouraged and valued.

Year 2


Over the last week, many of you have been reflecting on your time in Year 2. You have made memory jars full of the best bits; thought about what you are good at and of course, saying goodbye and thank you to your teachers. 

A BIG thank you to all the 'home teachers' who have done such a good job at supporting the children with their learning while they haven't been at school. Their learning has been able to continue so that they are ready to come back to school to begin Year 3. I have loved receiving your e mails each week. I hope you all have a super summer holiday and you remember to keep smiling and stay safe. 

Miss White 


The space project from last week has certainly got some of you very excited. I have received some really great work from you this week. 

While keeping up with his Maths video lessons and spellings, Harry has also built himself a jet pack for a space voyage. He has learnt a mnemonic to remember the order of the planets in the solar system and has written a beautiful leaflet all about Mars. Excellent work, Harry - well done. 

Take a look at Natali's amazing chalk drawing of the planets. She has used really beautiful colours and shapes to create the solar system. 

Aidan has been working really hard with his handwritng and has labelled his own rocket design. 


Chloe, Evie and Amelia have been creative this week. Chloe has enjoyed following steps to draw her own cat while Evie and Amelia have made fortune tellers which show some their tricky words spellings. What a great idea! 


Kai has also been creative and built and painted this excellent rocket! I love the colours on this Kai! He has also learnt about the different planets in the solar system and has written a very detailed fact file about Jupiter. A fantastic effort, Kai!

Harry has become an expert on the planet Venus. He has read lots of information about the planet and has made his own factfile. He has drawn a diagram of a rocket and has included labels to tell me which parts are which. 

Kes has designed an invitation to a rocket launch party, (which sounds like a lot of fun!) He has also found out about the temperature of some of the planets. A super effort boys, well done. 


Marcy-May has been inspired to write her own story this week because of a painting she has done at home. She used watercolours to create this beautiful sunset which gave her the idea for her own pirate story. An excellent idea to get writing Marcy- well done!


Mason has got fully immersed in our Space project this week. He has written a fact file about the planet , Mars, designed his own planet and even tried his own space food! Mason wants to be an astronaut when he's older so he also thought about some of the things astronauts do when they are in space. Excellent effort, Mason!


Kai and Kes have learnt different ways to say hello and found out about different flags of the world. 


Thank you and well done to Harry C, Aidan, Chloe and Arya for sending me some of their work. They have been busy with their learning projects as well as keeping up with their phonics, spellings , reading and maths. Well done to you all!

Harry has really enjoyed the Around the World project. He has found a variety of ways to say hello in different languages, has learnt about flags around the world and even made his own mask. Excellent Harry, well done. 
Kai and Natalie have made a poster to encourage their houses in their efforts for our Virtual Sports Day. Can a dolphin or penguin do the same for their house? Send it to me!


Thank you and well done to Natalie and Erin who have been very busy at home this week. Take a look at the home learning they have been doing on their projects, including practising their spellings and Maths. Well done girls - keep it up!


Take a look at Harry's fact file about the astronaut, Neil Armstrong.

Romans has been practising his handwriting and learning to tell the time while Marcy May has been reading lots and trying some comprehension activities. Keep up the good work!


Ronnie has been very busy this week. He has found out some interesting facts out about Mary Seacole and written about her. He has been practising his number bonds and working hard on his phonics. Good job, Ronnie!

Nella and Evie have also been using their phonics in writing. Evie has written a leaflet about her favourite place. Well done girls!

Maximus has been doing a lot of learning outdoors. He has been observing caterpillars and even discovered a frog in his garden! He has been steadily working on his handwriting and spellings. A super effort Maximus!

Kai has really pushed himself this week. He has found out about Walt Disney and written some amazing facts about him. Have a look at his amazing writing! 

Kes has made a timeline about Mary Seacole's life and has invented his own machine. Natali has written her own adventure story and has been practising her number bonds.  Well done all of you - keep up the good work!


A huge thank you and well done to Harry C , Marcy-May, Chloe, Kyrun and Harry S for their amazing learning this week. While being out enjoying the sunshine, they have been writing diaries, finding out about a famous person, and completing Maths tasks with time and money. I'm pleased to also see there has been some football, outdoor gymnastics, baking and Lego building. You have been busy! Very well done all of you.


Thank you to Marcy-May, Storm and Mason for sharing their home learning with me. It is great to see your reading, drawing, writing and creativity while being at home. Your teachers at home must be very good! Keep up the good work! 


Kai has really enjoyed learning about the creatures of the rainforest. He has found the rainforests around the world on a map and written some sloth facts. One of his favourite animals was the red eyed tree frog. Have a look at his fantastic drawing. Well done Kai - work to be very proud of. 

Erin has been busy with our Sport project. She's found out about a sports person and created a booklet all about them. Do you know who it is? She also designed and awarded her own medal and done some baking. What a delicious looking cake! Good job , Erin!


Year 2. You are amazing! You have been so busy at home this week! There's been some excellent art and craft; fantastic Maths and writing as well as an ENORMOUS amount of reading! Lots of you are also noticing the wildlife in your gardens - have a look at Harry's nest box of blue tits! Well done to you all!


It has been fantastic to receive some amazing learning form Evie, Amelia, Kyrun, Callum, Marcy May and Kai. As well as reading and lots of writing, there has been a lot of creativity going on. Have a look at their amazing efforts.


Marcy-May, Elle, Natalie and Jessica have all been very busy at home. There has been a huge amount of reading; building lego models; fantastic writing and spelling as well as some baking!


Take a look at the amazing home learning done this week in our Under the Sea project. Well done and thank you to Jessica C, Mason, Kai, Natali, Chloe and Erin for sending in your work to me. It has been great to see what you have been up to. Keep it up!