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Somerset Bridge Values
Aspire to be the best we can in our behaviour, our learning and our hopes and dreams.
Brave to challenge ourselves and take risks so that we achieve the best we can.
Care for our school environment, so that we maintain a safe, sustainable and healthy community and set an example for life choices both within and outside of school.
Collaborate with all members of the community – pupils, parents, staff, governors, neighbouring schools and organisations in the local area - ensuring that all contributions are encouraged and valued.

Year 1


Over the last week, many of you have been reflecting on your time in Year 1. You have made memory jars full of the best bits; thought about what you are good at and of course, saying goodbye and thank you to your teachers. 

A BIG thank you to all the 'home teachers' who have done such a good job at supporting the children with their learning while they haven't been at school. Their learning has been able to continue so that they are ready to come back to school to begin Year 2. I have loved receiving your e mails each week. I hope you all have a super summer holiday and you remember to keep smiling and stay safe. 

Miss White 



Thank you and well done to Megan and Fabian. They have both been enjoying practising their Maths at home and have learnt a lot about space. Fabian now knows the name and order of the planets in the solar system and Megan has learnt how we get day and night. 


Oliver has very much enjoyed our project on Space. He has found out a lot about the different planets, especially Venus with his won fact file. He has written his own diary of a mission to space and built his own rocket. Fantastic effort Oliver!

Bethany has been busy writing her own bulldozer story at home this week as well as doing some Maths activities. She has even typed up her story on the computer!

Ellis has also been writing and practising his number bonds. He has also been learning how we get day and night. A super effort both of you. 


Well done to Jasmine who has been very busy with her Around the World project this week. She has been writing, reading and creating her own flags. Excellent work, Jasmine!

Take a look at all of Leonard's excellent work this week. In our Around the World project. He has written about a place he once visited, made a list of countries for every letter of the alphabet and written a fact file about a country. He has also thought about what a perfect world would be like. Very well done, Leonard!
Oliver has been very keen to find out about different countries around the world. He has used a globe to find oceans and countries while drawing the different flags. He has also made a powerpoint about China - have a look at what he has found out. Good job Oliver!


Megan, Fabian, Abi and Isaac have been busy this week. They've learnt about flags and countries of the world. I have been pleased to hear they have also been continuing to practise their spellings, reading  and maths. Well done! 


Ellis has really enjoyed our Around the World project. He has learnt about different flags and thought of a country that begins with each letter of the alphabet. He also did some writing to describe what a perfect world would be like. Thank you and very well done, Ellis.


Jasmine has enjoyed finding out about Mary Seacole and has created a colourful poster to remind us to wash our hands. 

Isaac has been learning outdoors and has created his own photo story about growing peas. Have a look at his counting in 5s monster too - a great job. Well done both of you!



Leonard has worked very hard this week. He has enjoyed making his own books and writing his own royal story. You can read one here. He has been practising his spellings, reading in the garden and fruit picking in the sun! 

Oliver has found out a lot about Mary Seacole, Buckingham Palace and has watched his garden tiger moth hatch! Very exciting!

Megan and Fabian have been busy writing stories, making posters and adding money. Megan has especially enjoyed the poem, 'Royal Tea' and has written about it. Read what they've been up to. 




Krystal, Ellis and Bethany have been busy at home this week. They have really enjoyed the Famous People project from last week. Take a look at what they've been up to. Well done!


Thank you to Isaac for sharing his home learning. He has been finding out about some healthy foods and the important jobs in the NHS. 

Jasmine has done a huge amount of learning at home: learning about monkeys in the rainforest, reading, phonics, fractions and some writing. Your brain must be bursting, Jasmine! Take a look at all the amazing work she has been doing. A super effort - well done. 

Well done to Oliver for all the super work he has done about the rainforest. He has learnt about different layers of the rainforest and has become an expert on the red eyed tree frog. Very neat, clear writing and drawings Oliver. He has also created his own forest floor in his garden with real plants! Amazing! Well done! 

Megan has learnt a lot about the toucan - a bird that lives in the rainforest. Read her fantastic acrostic poem. She has used some great vocabulary. 


Leonard has been very busy at home this week. He's been reading lots, practising his phonics, writing about rainforest animals, baking and exploring new places!


Leonard and Abi have been very busy but in different ways...

Leonard has been busy finding out and writing about his favourite athlete, Usain Bolt. He has also been doing lots of reading and maths!

Abi has been very active this week. She has been playing badminton and hunting for fossils. She has also been practicing her spellings - a great effort. Well done to you both!

Bethany and Fabian have been very busy writing stories; practising their number bonds and some junk modelling too. 


Jasmine, Oliver D, Megan and Fabian have been very busy on their Sports Project. They have found out about their heroes; designed and awarded their own medal for someone special and even been active, having a go at their own obstacle course! You all deserve a medal! Well done!


Thank you to Connor, Ellis, Fabian, Oliver D , Leonard and Bethany for sharing their Under the Sea work this week. Well done - you've done a great job!