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Week beginning 5th October 2020

Reminder - there will be no Zoom meeting on Thursday afternoon, see the Topic section below for prompts if you missed Wednesday's session! 

Y3 Quarantine Timetable


Opening and Build-up

Writing speech

Still image for this video
Here is a short video to help you with your punctuation when writing speech.

The Problem, Resolution and Ending - change the RED words for better ones, and add in words where the lines are!

Friday 9th October

Thursday 8th October

Wednesday 7th October
Tuesday 6th October

This week we will be looking at:

  • Computing: Being safe online
  • Art: Work around our class name AMAZON
  • PSHE: Learning to face new challenges positively and ask for help when I need it. 

Computing - Keeping Safe Online poster examples

Art - Features of the Amazon Rainforest                                 7th/8th October 2020


This afternoon it is time for you to investigate and begin your own project. Please do not rush this - it would be good if you could look after your work as we would like to display it on the board in the corridor when we get back to school! I have given you some links above to help your investigation.


You can choose your own aspect of the Amazon Rainforest to explore - something you find interesting. This could be about:

  • the animals 
  • the layers of the rainforest
  • the plants
  • the Amazon River
  • the countries in South America which the Amazon is in
  • the people who live in the Amazon
  • all about why we need rainforests in our world
  • deforestation for logging and farmland
  • or something else you feel drawn to! 


You may want to draw, colour or paint something which is related to the rainforest, and you might need to do some research first so that your work is as good as you can make it - perhaps find a picture to copy? If you want to make a factsheet, or include writing too - that will be super. Spend some time getting your ideas together so that you really know what you want to do! 


We will be continuing with this tomorrow, so don't worry if you do not finish - please DO NOT rush! Take your time and make it gorgeous! You can always use some time next week to finish it off.

To help you with your Art work

SPAG - Spelling, Punctuation And Grammar

These are some good Youtube videos to help you improve your vocabulary - knowing what words mean is the key skill to all of your lifelong learning.


Remember, you should always go back to previous years' work to revise and build your skills. 


Week Beginning

Foundation Stage Phonics

Year 1 Phonics

Year 2 SPAG

Years 3/4 SPAG

KS2 Vocabulary


Phase 3 Mastery L1 j

Phase 3 Mastery L2 v

Phase 3 Mastery L3 w

Phase 5 Mastery L1 ay

Phase 5 Mastery L2 ou

Phase 5 Mastery L3 ie

Level 1 Sentence Types (Statements)

Level 1 Pronouns 1

Level 1




Spellings - wb 5th October 2020

Red group - pot, tap, not, can, ham, big

Yellow group - group, various, appear, early, earth, heard

Blue group - group, various, appear, early, earth, heard, teach, each

Green group - group, various, appear, early, earth, heard, teach, each, east, weather