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Somerset Bridge Values
Aspire to be the best we can in our behaviour, our learning and our hopes and dreams.
Brave to challenge ourselves and take risks so that we achieve the best we can.
Care for our school environment, so that we maintain a safe, sustainable and healthy community and set an example for life choices both within and outside of school.
Collaborate with all members of the community – pupils, parents, staff, governors, neighbouring schools and organisations in the local area - ensuring that all contributions are encouraged and valued.

Mrs Wilkins – Da Vinci Class

Hello Da Vinci Class,

I hope you’re all having a great weekend. It’s been a very busy few weeks back at school adjusting to our new way of teaching. It’s also been great to see many you on our zoom meetings again and to hear your news. I’ve sent out some emails to let you know that I’ll be responding to your messages again on the UKS2 address ( Please do send in any examples of your work that you’re really proud of, or let me know if there’s something you’re struggling with so I can help. We are asking that you send one example of this per week so that we can see how you’re getting on.

We are missing seeing you in school but keep up the good work with the Home Learning projects - it's only a few more weeks until the summer break!

Mrs Wilkins

Home Learning Update


Dear Parents/Carers,


As some children will be returning to school on June 2nd, the way home learning is being provided will be changing due to most staff working with children in school.

Home learning projects will continue to be uploaded to the school website on a weekly basis and will now be for specific key stages, rather than year groups:  Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2), Lower Key Stage 2 (Years 3 and 4) and Upper Key Stage 2 (Years 5 and 6).

Instead of logging onto a specific class page to access the home learning, you will now need to go to the Children menu on the website  – Home Learning Projects and select the relevant key stage for your child.


We will continue to use the key stage email addresses, but these may not be answered from your child’s teacher.  The following teachers will respond to the emails:

Reception and Year 1 and 2 - Miss White

Year 3 and 4 - Mrs Palmer (Mr Staveley will continue to respond to any Nightingale emails)

Year 5 and 6 - Mr Staveley


It has been lovely to receive some of the children’s work, but we now ask that the home learning email addresses are no longer used for sending in children’s work. The named teachers will be available only for questions regarding the work set.


Key Stage 2 will no longer be setting weekly mymaths tasks, but please continue to use Times Tables Rockstars and Accelerated Reader.


There will also be no weekly spelling lists for classes. Please use the spelling tasks on each of the weekly projects to support practicing specific sounds and letter patterns alongside year group common exception words. 


Thank you for continuing to support you child/children with their home learning.


Many thanks

Spot the staff babies

It's half term so we thought you might like a fun activity to do.  In the first attached document you will see pictures of 29 of our staff as babies.  In the second document you will see the names of the staff.  Can you match the names to the correct staff pictures?  Look back here on Friday 29th May to check how many you got right.  Good luck!

Week 9 Home learning


Hi Da Vinci class. As we approach week 9 I hope you’re all still keeping safe and happy! Again, it was great to see so many of you in our weekly zoom meeting. I’ll send invites automatically to the list of addresses I already have, so send me an email if you haven’t already and would like to join in.

The week beginning 25th May would have been our half term – so I won’t be uploading any work and we won’t meet over zoom in that week. Make sure you have a break from learning and hopefully the weather will be good and we can all enjoy the sunshine!


Mrs Wilkins

Home learning this week...

Home learning week 8

Hi Da Vinci class. I hope you’ve all had a good week and that you’re continuing to enjoy our home learning projects. It was lovely to see many of you in our first class ‘zoom’ meeting. Myself, Mrs Wiacek and Ms Harrington all really enjoyed hearing how you’ve been getting on. Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 13th May at 2pm. See the ‘zooming news’ below for more information.

Thank you this week to Natalia, Gabby, Liam B and Rehana who have all sent some great examples of their home learning. It’s good to see how you are getting on and that lots of you are going above and beyond to continue your learning in these challenging times. Good luck to Brooke who has also entered the British Legion VE Day poster competition

Keep up the good work and don’t forget to find some time to relax and enjoy the good weather if you can!

Mrs Wilkins

Share YOUR Story - Somerset Story Swap.

Do you enjoy writing? Have you got a story inside you? Have you written a short story of your own or even have some good ideas to share? If the answer is yes and you'd like to share it with others, here's how. 

The Somerset Storyfest have invited all children in Somerset schools to Story Swap. You can post your stories on line using this link.

You can share a whole story or even just post some ideas. Please ask permission from your adults at home first. 

Zooming news!

After last week’s successful class zoom meeting, we would like to offer you the opportunity to meet with your teacher and your classmates each week using zoom. The meetings will take place every Wednesday at 2pm.


The meetings will last for about 40 minutes and there will be a different focus for each meeting.  This week I would like you to choose a piece of work that you enjoyed completing to talk about with the rest of the group.


I already have many of your email addresses and will send an invitation out to you on Tuesday.  If you haven’t emailed me already, and you would like to join in with a meeting, you need to ask your parents to send an email to  I will then send them an invitation to join in. Don’t forget that the same rules apply!

At the meeting you will need to know:

  • The meeting must not be recorded.
  • You will need to think carefully about where you are when you join the meeting and what you are wearing so that you are ready to meet with all of your classmates.
  • Your parents need to be present in the room where you have the meeting.
  • Teachers will lock the meeting once everyone has joined so that no-one can join who hasn’t been invited.
  • Teachers will be able to remove or mute people who do not follow the rules.
  • Parents need to read Zoom’s terms and conditions, so they are sure of what Zoom is all about.


Hopefully see you there!

More home learning from Da Vinci class.

Week 7 Home Learning


Hello Da Vinci class! I hope you’re all doing well and that you have had a good week. This week’s learning project is all about VE Day which will be on Friday. Unfortunately, as a country we won’t be able to celebrate in the usual ways, but we have lots of other activities for you to do with this theme. As well as our learning project, there is a Drawing Competition open to all Bridgwater schools, which I will post details of underneath this week’s learning.

Thank you to everyone who has emailed me with examples of work they have been doing. It’s great to see what you have been up to and I’ve been really enjoyed seeing your work. I’ve uploaded some pictures of these and hope to see more in the coming weeks.

Thank you also to those who have let me know they would like to join our class ‘Zoom’ meeting. If you have not already emailed and would like to join, please ask your parents to send an email to the uks2 address BY TOMORROW so that I can send the invite.

Miss Constable has also found another Kahoot Quiz for you to complete if you would like all about Narnia. See if you can remember details from the book!


Mrs Wilkins

Drawing Competition - VE Day


The Bridgwater Royal British Legion has had to postpone their celebrations for VE Day on Friday 8th May 2020.

 To still celebrate VE day, they are inviting children from Bridgwater schools to produce individual drawings depicting that day 75 years ago, when WW11 officially ended in Europe. 

You need to email me a picture of your entry to the uks2 home learning email where your picture will be judged against the other entries from KS2 to select a top 3.  The 3 entries will then be sent to Bridgwater British Legion who will choose an overall winner for the key stage.


Prize!!  There will be a £25.00 book voucher for the winner of each key stage


Additionally, and with parental permission, they would like to publicise the winning entries.


The deadline to email your entry back to me is: Friday 8th May.  


There are some resources on the Royal British Legion website which may be useful:

Da Vinci class home learning.

Exciting news!

We are offering you the opportunity to meet with your teacher and your classmates using Zoom. The meeting will take place next week on: Wednesday 2pm .  The meeting will last for around 30 minutes.  The focus of the meeting will be to say hello and share what you’ve been learning at home.


If you would like to join in with a meeting you need to ask your parents to send an email to   I will then send them an invitation to join in. I would like to know if you want to join the meeting by Monday 4th May. I will then send you your invitation.

On Wednesday, you will need to click on the link in the email I send you so that you can join the meeting at 2pm. At the meeting, you will need to know:

  • The meeting must not be recorded.
  • You will need to think carefully about where you are when you join the meeting and what you are wearing so that you are ready to meet with all of your classmates.
  • Your parents need to be present in the room where you have the meeting.
  • Teachers will lock the meeting once everyone has joined so that no-one can join who hasn’t been invited.
  • Teachers will be able to remove or mute people who do not follow the rules.
  • Parents need to read Zoom’s terms and conditions, so they are sure of what Zoom is all about.

Hopefully see you there!

Home Learning


Below you will find your learning activities for this week. We hope you enjoy them. Remember, you can always use or for extra things to do if you'd like.

Week 6 Home Learning 


Hello Da Vinci Class! It’s been a busy week – I had a great time in school with those of you who have been coming in and have also really enjoyed reading emails from the children who have sent in their work. Thank you to everyone who has sent me examples of their home learning this week. I will put up some pictures of these once others have done the same to inspire all members of the class to join in.


This week, we would love for you to choose one piece of work, either from the writing tasks or the learning project to email us. It’s all about the environment and there’s lots of different opportunities to get creative!  


Finally, well done everyone who tried the Kahoot quiz on perimeter and area; especially to those of you who made it to the top ten… 


3rd / 4th: Rehana

5th: Liam B

6th: Dylan

8th: Dawid


We will set up another quiz soon. It would be great to hear your ideas about what topics you would like these to be about.


Mrs Wilkins

Week 5 Home learning

Hello Da Vinci class. Here is this week’s Home learning. I hope you’ve managed to complete the questionnaire too, as this will really help us to improve our curriculum. I am delighted to be able to share with you a new email address which you can now use to contact me:


 I am aware that you’ll need to use an email address which belongs to an adult, most probably, so please check with them before you access their emails.  You may also need some help with this so please ask an adult to show you how to send an email.  The subject of the email must be your class name. I know you have all been working hard over the past few weeks and would love for you to send me an email this week with the piece of work which you are most proud of.  You can also use this email address as a way of communicating any questions about the home learning.  I'm looking forward to receiving your email and seeing the amazing work which you have been doing!


For Maths, we are also trying out a new activity this week. There is a link below for a quiz that you can try. Please use your first name as a nickname so that we know who has had a go. After each question you can see your score on the leaderboard against the rest of year 5! As you can see, Miss Constable and I have had a go to test it out - see if you can beat our scores! A big thank you to all of you who have regularly been logging onto My Maths to complete the online activities. Don’t forget to use the smiley face icons – these are really useful and show me how you’ve felt about each of the tasks I’ve set. It has also been great to see many of you logging into TT Rock stars. It will make such a positive difference to your Maths learning if you keep practising these, so well done to those of you who have been doing so.


Finally, I’ve been keeping a close eye on Accelerated Reader and have been so pleased to see many of you quizzing well on your books. Remember to quiz in the same way that you would at school and try not to leave it too long to quiz after finishing a book. Don’t be put off by longer books – they will take longer to read but will give you more points! There is a list of the AR levels of the Oxford Owl online books to help you with your choices. The website also allows you to find the AR levels of thousands of other books.


Keep up the good work! I will be in school this coming week. Although I won’t get to see most of you, I’m looking forward to seeing those children who are coming in on a regular basis.


Mrs Wilkins

Week 4 Home Learning 

Happy Easter Da Vinci class! I hope you're all having a great weekend and that you’re doing well.  I am missing seeing you all every day, so thought I’d show you what we’ve been up to at home. We are currently making the most of getting to spend more time with our two dogs - Tali and Skye. We are very lucky to live in a village in the countryside so we’ve been out walking once every day and have been enjoying the sunny weather out in the garden too. The dogs are very happy to be getting lots of extra fuss and attention!

This week's home learning is also attached below. Since it is Easter, we would like to give you some time to catch up with any learning you haven't had time for so far, as well as having time for some Easter activities. There are some fun "eggsperiments" here: and there are some Easter mysteries attached below if you would like something different to have a go at! 

Mrs Wilkins

Week 3 Home Learning 

Hello Da Vinci class! I hope you are all keeping safe and well and that you get to relax and have some Easter fun over the next couple of weeks. 

Here is your learning for this coming week. There are no new spellings, but if you have time, you could look back in your homework book to find any you struggled with earlier in the year. Alternatively, you could find a new spelling game on Topmarks or spellzone. 

There is a questionnaire at the top of the learning project that we would like you to have a look at which will help us make our curriculum at Somerset Bridge even better. 

Mrs Wilkins

Children's guide to coronavirus


Here's a really helpful guide to coronavirus that explains a bit more about what is happening and why. There's some interesting ideas about what you can do when you're feeling bored, lonely or worried and I hope you find it useful.  

Week 2 Home Learning

Well done everyone – I hope you all enjoyed last week’s learning. Your activities for this week are attached below.

When you login to MyMaths, check your scores from last week’s activities. By clicking on your scores for each task, you should find some feedback on some of the activities you completed and some of you will have links to more practice or extra challenges to try next.

We have also set up a “battle of the bands” on TTRockstars between Franklin class and us – see how often you can login this week to help our class win!

Home Learning


Here are some of the websites you will find helpful while school is closed. We will add to these as we find new and exciting sites for you to try! Let us know if you find anything great that you think the rest of the class would enjoy.


You have passwords for these already:  (Accelerated Reader)


Here are some new sites to try:      (username: mrs wilkins  Password: Da Vinci)

Welcome to Davinci Class. This term, we have lots of exciting topics in our English, Maths and Science learning to look forward to. Take a look at our Topic web to find out more...

Year 5 Spring Topic Web