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Somerset Bridge Values
Aspire to be the best we can in our behaviour, our learning and our hopes and dreams.
Brave to challenge ourselves and take risks so that we achieve the best we can.
Care for our school environment, so that we maintain a safe, sustainable and healthy community and set an example for life choices both within and outside of school.
Collaborate with all members of the community – pupils, parents, staff, governors, neighbouring schools and organisations in the local area - ensuring that all contributions are encouraged and valued.

Mrs Moseley

All the children participated in Sports Day, they had a fantastic time.  Well done Kangaroos!

Sports Day

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What a fantastic day the children had when they all went on the steam train to Minehead.  Everyone was very excited as we were dropped off at Bishops Lydeard and boarded the train that was waiting at the platform.  The children’s behaviour was exemplary and the conductors and ticket inspectors appreciated our singing along the way!


The journey through the countryside was beautiful and the children enthusiastically pointed out different things along the way.  When they saw the sea there was an excited exclamation!  We made our base camp on the beach, ate our food and got down to the serious business of building castles.  It was a lovely day!  A day to remember!


Our special thanks to those parents and helpers who came along to support the children…thankyou, we couldn’t have done it without you.

In English, we continue to use Talk for Writing to develop the children's writing skills.  'Conscience Alley' is great fun!  
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Programming the Bee Bots is always a favourite with everyone.  The children worked together and programmed the Bee Bots to follow a route.  It involved lots of perseverance and collaboration.  There was a real sense of achievement when it worked!

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Patterns, patterns, patterns!

There are many patterns in Maths.  The children explore different patterns using snap cubes, counters and base 10 rods.

The children in my class are fantastic at counting money and understand the different denominations. They all worked really hard and counted carefully to find the correct amounts.  I challenged some children to find an amount using a specific number of coins.

Summer Maths

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Summer Term 2016
Visit to Great Wood
The children had a lovely day during their visit to Great Wood just before half term.  The weather was a little cool but the rain held off, thank goodness!  
Spring term 2016
PE fun
We take part in team games and have to listen carefully to the instructions.
In Maths the children learn through practical activities using cubes and base 10 rods.  They are able to physically move the resources so they can 'do' the Maths and get a greater understanding of the relationship between numbers and objects.
Easter cards in our class.
The children designed a pop up card for Easter; they used sliders, split pins and card to make their chick appear out of the cracked egg.
We are authors. 
In our English lessons the children learnt the story of 'Where the Wild Things Are' and then wrote their own stories based on the book.

Where the Wild Things Are!

World Book Day!
The children dressed up as their favourite book character; they talked about their character and some of the things they get up to.  One of the books, 'The Incredible Book Eating Boy' was bought in by one of the was excellent!

Kingston Exotics came to visit year 1!

The children had the chance to hold various reptiles including snakes and lizards.  Everyone was very brave and had an amazing time.


Thank you Kingston Exotics.

Reptiles in the classroom!

Key stage 1 went to @ Bristol

Year 1 had a fantastic day when they went to @Bristol.  Everyone was very excited and couldn’t wait to get on the bus and start their journey.  When we got there the children experienced all the ‘hands on’ science displays and had an amazing time doing so.  The children’s behaviour throughout the day was exemplary and all staff were very proud to wear the high visibility jackets with the name of our school on the back.  The teachers and children would like to say a very big thank you to all the parent helpers who came along.

This term the children have enjoyed using different software packages to create movement. 

Computing in Y1