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Somerset Bridge Values
Aspire to be the best we can in our behaviour, our learning and our hopes and dreams.
Brave to challenge ourselves and take risks so that we achieve the best we can.
Care for our school environment, so that we maintain a safe, sustainable and healthy community and set an example for life choices both within and outside of school.
Collaborate with all members of the community – pupils, parents, staff, governors, neighbouring schools and organisations in the local area - ensuring that all contributions are encouraged and valued.

Mrs Gray – Grey-Thompson Class

Home Learning Update

Dear Parents/Carers,

As some children will be returning to school on June 2nd, the way home learning is being provided will be changing due to most staff working with children in school.

Home learning projects will continue to be uploaded to the school website on a weekly basis and will now be for specific key stages, rather than year groups:  Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2), Lower Key Stage 2 (Years 3 and 4) and Upper Key Stage 2 (Years 5 and 6).

Instead of logging onto a specific class page to access the home learning, you will now need to go to the Children menu on the website – Home Learning Projects and select the relevant key stage for your child.

We will continue to use the key stage email addresses, but these may not be answered from your child’s teacher.  The following teachers will respond to the emails:

Reception and Year 1 and 2 - Miss White

Year 3 and 4 - Mrs Palmer (Mr Staveley will continue to respond to any Nightingale emails)

Year 5 and 6 - Mr Staveley

It has been lovely to receive some of the children’s work, but we now ask that the home learning email addresses are no longer used for sending in children’s work. The named teachers will be available only for questions regarding the work set.

Thank you for continuing to support you child/children with their home learning.

Many thanks

Spot the staff babies

It's half term so we thought you might like a fun activity to do.  In the first attached document you will see pictures of 29 of our staff as babies.  In the second document you will see the names of the staff.  Can you match the names to the correct staff pictures?  Look back here on Friday 29th May to check how many you got right.  Good luck!

Answers for baby competition

We have an email address where you can ask Miss White questions about the learning you have been doing.  Use this email address to get in touch.  

Here is the email address.  Please put Grey-Thompson class in the subject.


Look forward to hearing from you.


As it is the half term holiday from Monday 25th May to  Friday 31st May we will not be having a class zoom meeting. I will also not be putting any new home learning onto our class page.

I hope you have a good week and that the weather continues to be kind to everyone! smiley


Hi everyone,


Week 9's activities are here for you. I hope you have lots of fun with them and enjoy learning all about being 'Under the Sea!' 

Don't forget to try to send me an example of something you've been learning at home and I will do my best to try to put this onto the website to share with your friends.


Take care and stay safe!

Mrs Gray

Freddie and Rhune have been having lots of fun with our Under the Sea topic, thank you for sharing your learning with us!
Just look at all of this amazing home learning! Well done, Oliver, Kristian, Levi, Jada, Freddie, Elliot, Archie and Eva.



Hello smiley


I have been so delighted with all of the learning you have been sending me via our email address. You have really been trying hard with all of the home learning activities. 

I'm looking forward to seeing what you achieve this week.


Well done everyone!

Mrs Gray


Share YOUR Story - Somerset Story Swap.

Do you enjoy writing? Have you got a story inside you? Have you written a short story of your own or even have some good ideas to share? If the answer is yes and you'd like to share it with others, here's how. 

The Somerset Storyfest have invited all children in Somerset schools to Story Swap. You can post your stories on line using this link.


You can share a whole story or even just post some ideas. Please ask permission from your adults at home first. 

Hey Joe! I love that chocolate cake - aren't you clever!
Wow Carson, it's lovely to see you having such a super time, keep up the good work!
Rhune, you have been really busy. I love your patterns!
Eva has made some really yummy cookies! 
Look at all of this amazing learning from Jada, Sebastian, Oliver, Levi, William and Kristian. Well done you clever children!



Hi everyone!


More exciting activities to keep you all making lots of progress with your learning. I hope you enjoy them and don't forget to email me examples of what you've been doing, if you can.


Take care, keep safe, look after each other and hopefully we will all see each other again very soon.

Mrs Gray smiley

Look at Lejla's brilliant writing - it's so neat and your spelling is fantastic smiley.
William has been having lots of fun with his learning - well done William!
Thank you very much for my lovely card Rhune, your writing is really super!
Wow Elliot, you look like a real chef!!!! Save some for me please!
It looks like you've been enjoying lots of cooking Oliver! I can see you also know lots about healthy and unhealthy foods.
Levi, look what you've been learning this week, I'm so proud of you!
Jada, you have been really busy with your learning!


Hello! I hope you are all still enjoying the activities on the weekly learning projects. Here is week 6 for you, please have a look at the activity I thought you might like to email to me. I'm very happy for you to email examples of anything else you've been doing too. It has been lovely to be in touch with some of you recently!

Take care,

Mrs Gray smiley

I've had a busy week too, going on a daily walk from my house so that I keep fit! I thought I'd share with you some photos of the beautiful foals which have been out and about with their mums in the fields behind my house. I think they are enjoying the sunshine too!
Sebastian, you made a wonderful looking cake - amazing!
More fantastic learning from Kristian!
Freddie has been learning all about healthy and unhealthy food, I am so impressed!
Joseph has been eating lots of healthy food! Well done Joseph.
Rhune, you have been such a busy boy, I think we have another clever baker here!
We have some very clever bakers in our class - just look at Jada's amazing cake!
Lejla, what a lot of amazing learning! You have been really trying hard.
Joseph has been really busy with his learning too! Just look at some of the photos he has sent to show you.
Levi has been really busy - look what he's been doing!
Lots of super learning from Jada!
Look at Oliver, he's just like a  scientist, wow!
More amazing learning from clever, clever children!
What an amazing rain shaker Jada has made!



Hi everyone!


I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying doing lots of different things at home with your families. As you can see I've been busy recently doing some baking with my children. We made shortbread biscuits. They may not look amazing but they did taste yummy!

If you've been baking at home maybe you'd like to email me a photo of what you made and I can share it with everyone.


Take care,

Mrs Gray smiley

Look at this amazing writing practise from Jada!

She has been practising writing lots of different words. Well done Jada, you're a super writer! smiley

Lots of interesting information from Jada about Earth Day - 22.04.20. Thank you Jada for helping us all to learn about this important day!

Jada has been a super scientist, she made  her own igloo by freezing water in an ice cube tray and then using the ice cubes to build her igloo! She then experimented to find out how long it would take her to melt her igloo using a hair-dryer! That sounds like lots of fun!


What a fantastic picture Sebastian has made. He tells everyone that they should look after our world, that's very good advice! smiley

Hi Kristian! Look at all of the things you've been doing, wow! You even made me a birthday card, thank you very much!

This is some of Levi's home learning. He's been practising writing his name, all of the other letters in the alphabet and some numerals. Well done Levi!
Week 4 - 13.04.20

Happy holidays!


I hope you have managed to enjoy some of the lovely sunshine over the last few days. I have been busy in my garden trying my best to look after my plants! It was also my birthday one day last week. I was lucky enough to have some lovely birthday cards and my family bought me a beautiful necklace. 

Let's hope the good weather continues whilst we are at home, soon you will be able to tell me about what you've been doing as well.


Take care,

Mrs Gray yes

** 7th Video is now live heart **
**5th video is now live.... with a special dog guest!**
* 4th video is now live smiley Enjoy laugh
** 2nd video is now live smiley **
** New video is now live smiley **

Welcome to Storytelling with Miss Woodhead

Come and join Miss Woodhead and get lost in different stories each week! She looks forward to you joining her on this new adventure into storytime :)

Grey-Thompson Class

Welcome to the Grey-Thompson class page!


The children in our class have chosen an amazing person to be named after this year. Tanni Grey-Thompson is an inspiring sports woman who held over 30 world records whilst competing as a wheelchair racer.


We hope to be brave in our learning this year and always try to do our best, just like Tanni Grey-Thompson. We will share some of our learning with you on this class page very soon.

Topic Web for the Spring Term

Spring 2020


The first half term of Spring 2020 has come and gone in a flash! Your children settled back into school so well after the holiday. We have been busy learning inside and outside - weather permitting!

Here is some of the exciting learning we have been enjoying.

Magical maths

Lots of Literacy

Always on the move!

Topic web for the Autumn term.

Autumn 2019


We have been having a fantastic time over this half term learning lots of new things and getting to know each other. Just have a look at some of the fun we've been having!

Learning inside the classroom.

Learning outside the classroom.

Lots of learning!


We have had a very busy few weeks and I cannot believe that soon your children will have completed their first term at school. Here are some photos of our learning and some of the characters from our Christmas play.