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Somerset Bridge Values
Aspire to be the best we can in our behaviour, our learning and our hopes and dreams.
Brave to challenge ourselves and take risks so that we achieve the best we can.
Care for our school environment, so that we maintain a safe, sustainable and healthy community and set an example for life choices both within and outside of school.
Collaborate with all members of the community – pupils, parents, staff, governors, neighbouring schools and organisations in the local area - ensuring that all contributions are encouraged and valued.

Miss Lockwood – Banksy Class

Home Learning Update

Dear Parents/Carers,

As some children will be returning to school on June 2nd, the way home learning is being provided will be changing due to most staff working with children in school.

Home learning projects will continue to be uploaded to the school website on a weekly basis and will now be for specific key stages, rather than year groups:  Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2), Lower Key Stage 2 (Years 3 and 4) and Upper Key Stage 2 (Years 5 and 6).

Instead of logging onto a specific class page to access the home learning, you will now need to go to the Children menu on the website  – Home Learning Projects and select the relevant key stage for your child.

We will continue to use the key stage email addresses, but these may not be answered from your child’s teacher.  The following teachers will respond to the emails:

Reception and Year 1 and 2 - Miss White

Year 3 and 4 - Mrs Palmer (Mr Staveley will continue to respond to any Nightingale emails)

Year 5 and 6 - Mr Staveley

It has been lovely to receive some of the children’s work, but we now ask that the home learning email addresses are no longer used for sending in children’s work. The named teachers will be available only for questions regarding the work set.

Key Stage 2 will no longer be setting weekly mymaths tasks, but please continue to use Times Tables Rockstars and Accelerated Reader.  There will also be no weekly spelling lists for classes. Please use the spelling tasks on each of the weekly projects to support practicing specific sounds and letter patterns alongside year group common exception words. 

Thank you for continuing to support you child/children with their home learning.

Many thanks


Spot the staff babies

It's half term so we thought you might like a fun activity to do.  In the first attached document you will see pictures of 29 of our staff as babies.  In the second document you will see the names of the staff.  Can you match the names to the correct staff pictures?  Look back here on Friday 29th May to check how many you got right.  Good luck!

Grammar and punctuation activities

Monday 18th May 2020


Here are some of the things you have been doing this week:

PP has re-potted her sunflower and cooked her family a delicious looking dinner!

KN wrote a postcard to her grandma telling her about her VE day celebrations

KN has written a spooky Halloween story, with lots of amazing fronted adverbials.

KN has found out about DIwali

Friday 15th May 2020


Huge congratulations to RH for becoming a member of the Millionaire's Club on Accelerated Reader! He has read over 1.1 million words!

Some of you are over the 500,000 word mark and there is still time to get to one million by the summer holidays, so keep completing those quizzes!

Week beginning 11th May 2020


Here are some of the things you have been up to this week:

KN's blueberry muffin recipe

FF prepared a meal for his family.

JWe found out all about food.

Here is JWe's Lego dragon

Still image for this video

KN acrostic

KN and her mum have made this fantastic dragon!

JP's WW2 picture and a photograph of his great granny with evacuees.from London, who stayed with her in Bedforshire.

Some more WW2 work from RH.

KN's beautiful handwriting!

*New Year 4 General Knowledge quiz*


Well done to Rafe (Gold) Dylan J (Silver) Maisie (Bronze) for getting on the podium from last week’s quiz. Have a go at this new one. Good luck 😀

Monday 11th May 2020


Happy Somerset day!  


I hope you all enjoyed the VE celebrations!  I had some scones with jam and cream while in school on Friday.  Unfortunately, we didn't have any baking soda and had to make do with bicarbonate of soda, which resulted in rather fizzy scones.  I made up for this by covering them in even more cream!


Thank you for completing the online work and for sending me emails.  Today, I will be catching up on giving feedback on the MyMaths work.  Mrs Palmer has set some new activities on there and Miss Anderson has set up some tournaments between the year groups on TTRockstars.  Seeing as we have three classes, I feel we could do well this week!


If you didn't attend the zooooooooooooooooom meeting on Wednesday, email me and I will add you to my list.  We had 16 children last week and this week I'm hoping for 20.


Enjoy the food related activities this week!  We have a staff bake off organised, so I have to cook something from Asia.


See you on Wednesday!


Take care and stay alert!


Miss Lockwood

Friday 8th May


Zooming news!

After last week’s successful class Zoom meeting, I would like to offer you the opportunity to meet with me and your classmates each week using Zoom. The meetings will take place every Wednesday at 11am.


The meetings will last for about 30 minutes.  There will be a different focus of each meeting.  This week will be on Somerset Day (which is on Monday). Can we ask you to make or draw us a dragon to share and show during our meeting? 


I already have many of your email addresses and will send an invitation out to you on Tuesdays. If you haven’t emailed me already, and you would like to join in with a meeting, you need to ask your parents to send an email to I will then send them an invitation to join in. Don’t forget that the same rules apply!


At the meeting you will need to know that:


· The meeting must not be recorded.

· You will need to think carefully about where you are when you join the meeting and what you are wearing so  that you are ready to meet with all of your classmates.

· Your parents need to be present in the room where you have the meeting.

· Teachers will lock the meeting once everyone has joined so that no-one can join who hasn’t been invited.

· Teachers will be able to remove or mute people who do not follow the rules.

· Parents need to read Zoom’s terms and conditions, so they are sure of what Zoom is all about.


Hopefully see you there!

Miss Lockwood



Here is the work that has been sent in the last few days:

KN's beautiful kittens!

RH WW2 and delicious scones!

AD has been building scrap models and a monster truck.

JWe has found out about natural disasters.

RH's recycling project

MM camp at home.


Have a go at this fun general knowledge quiz. 


All Year 4 classes can play


Let the best Nightingale, Banksy or Picasso winsmiley​​​​​​​

Additional grammar activities

Friday 1st May 2020


Dear Banksy Class,


I hope that you have had a lovely week!  I have been very busy trying out zoom this week in preparation for our class meeting next Wednesday.  So far, we have 15 children, me and Ms Garvey who will be joining in, which is super!  If you haven't asked to join, please see the information below and send me an email with the address that you would like me to send the invite to.


You have also been sending me emails telling me how you are and attaching pictures and documents so I can see what you have been doing.  


I am in school next week, so replying to emails possibly won't happen until the evening.  Please bear with me.


I hope you have a lovely weekend and take a break from all of the work that you have been doing.


See you on Wednesday!


Miss Lockwood

Exciting news!

We are offering you the opportunity to meet with your teacher and your classmates using Zoom. The meetings will take place next week on:

Monday 11am – Reception classes

Monday 2pm – Year one classes

Tuesday 11am – Year two classes

Tuesday 2pm – Year three classes

Wednesday 11am – Year four classes

Wednesday 2pm – Year five classes

Thursday 11am – Year six classes

The meetings will last for a maximum of 30 minutes, the focus of the meeting will be to say hello and share what you’ve been learning at home.

If you would like to join in with a meeting you need to ask your parents to send an email to   I will then send them an invitation to join in. I would like to know if you want to join the meeting by Monday 4th May. I will then send you your invitation.

On Wednesday, you will need to click on the link in the email I send you so that you can join the meeting at 11am. At the meeting you will need to know that;

  • The meeting must not be recorded.
  • You will need to think carefully about where you are when you join the meeting and what you are wearing so that you are ready to meet with all of your classmates.
  • Your parents need to be present in the room where you have the meeting.
  • Teachers will lock the meeting once everyone has joined so that no-one can join who hasn’t been invited.
  • Teachers will be able to remove or mute people who do not follow the rules.
  • Parents need to read Zoom’s terms and conditions, so they are sure of what Zoom is all about.

Hopefully see you there!

Please select Y3/Y4 of this excellent grammar resource to use with your children.  They will need something to write with and some paper.  It will be updated each week and you can see that you have this week's and last week's to work on.


KN has been working on the water cycle.

RH has used PowerPoint to create a poster about recycling.

JP has produced a PowerPoint about climate change

FF has had great fun building a recycling mascot!

KN has read the Worst Witch and written a review.

EC has read Animalcolm by David Baddiel and produced a PowerPoint.

MM has been busy at home doing MyMaths and Joe Wicks exercises.

EC has been finding out about animals

Today KN has made a poster about litter.

JS has found out about the black mamba.

JP has written an Easter poem.

FF has been making top trump cards.

DL has produced a great piece of work about a fictional animal.

KN has been writing a letter about charities.

JWe has been finding out about animals, building animals out of Lego and planting seeds.

WB has been finding out about cats, both large and small.

NF has been busy building a teepee, visiting her pony, playing with her new kittens, walking her dog and eating popcorn!

Monday 27th April 2020


Dear Banksy class,


I hope you had a lovely weekend!  


This week I have set up more tournaments on TTRockstars, including against the Year 3 classes.  We had 13 children take part last week, so it would be super if we can improve on that number!


Mrs Palmer has set more activiites on MyMaths for this week.  A huge thank you to the following children for being completely up to date with all of their work:

WB, EC, FF, RH, CJ, DL, MMc, MM, RM, KN, JP, RP, HR, GS and JWe

I think that is the best week so far!


Ms Garvey has sent me an email, letting me know what she has been up to and it would be fantastic to hear from more of you this week.



Hello Banksy Class,


It’s been a really warm week!  After all the hard work my children and I have tried to reward ourselves by taking walks, cycling and inflating the pool - Friday afternoon was water-gun battle (I hid the the kitchen)!


You might have found getting back into a learning routine quite an effort this week but we really think it’s great that we can email the teachers and show all the hard work that has been produced-it is motivating to have personal messages in return.


So, on Thursday the three of us decided to dust off the bikes and head down the canal towards Manuel lock Cafe.  It was absolutely beautiful, so much nature around, glorious weather and everyone seemed far happier.  We spotted ducks & ducklings, moorhens, swans (one was nesting), a Red Kite (a bird of prey) and two deers.  You can just the nesting swan in the second photo.


I also was challenged to make a pizza this week but I didn’t have any flour! I had to be very inventive and if you look below you can have a guess at why I named it Popeye pizza! 


Don’t forget Thursday 30th April is Camp at Home - you can sleep anywhere except your own bed! 


Stay safe,


Ms Garvey

Yesterday evening, we headed to the beach to use our drone.  I looked for fossils and found some that some people had taken from the cliffs but were too heavy to take home.  The first one was my favourite and I took a picture with my kindle next to it, so you can see how large it was!  We then watched the sun set.


I hope you can send me an email this week.  Last week, I had emails from 10 of you or your parents and I would like more this week, if possible.  


Miss Lockwood

Friday 24th April 2020


Happy Friday!


Thank you to the children who have been in contact this week.  It is lovely to hear that you are well and safe!  Some work has been sent, which I have put up, but the best thing has been hearing how you are and what you have been up to.  Please try to send me an email next week, so that I know you are ok.


This morning, I had a poem from RH, which I would like to share.  Isn't it brilliant?


Sweet Freedom 


Whoosh whoosh in cold breeze

Morning dew sparkles on leaves

Light like polished gold


Wild screeching echoes

Over white snow-tipped mountains

Soaring and swooping


Yellow eyes open

Rapid detail flashes by

Tasting sweet freedom


We have done really well with the TTRockstars tournament.  I am very proud that so many of you have taken part!  Our heat map looks excellent and has far more green than the other classes, so well done!


I have also been busy giving feedback on MyMaths.  Lots of you have completed all of the actitivities and nearly everyone in our class have tried some of them.  I appreciate that they are hard to do without me, so have a look at the teaching activity to help.


Enjoy your weekend! smiley


Miss Lockwood

KN Jaguar drawing in the style of Franz Marc

Thursday 23rd April 2020


Happy St George's Day!


This morning I have had a Haiku from Katie.  Her vocabulary is excellent! Hopefully, I will get some more work from other children in our class soon.



Wednesday 22nd April 2020 - afternoon


Here is a copy of KN's animal description.  Isn't it super?


It would be lovely it you could send me a photo of your work, with permission to add it to here.

KN's work

Wednesday 22nd April 2020


Ms Garvey has sent me an email, of what she has been up to:


Hello Banksy Class,

I hope you are enjoying your time and staying safe, I thought I would tell you about what I’ve been up to.

Much like you, I am keeping an eye on the home learning updates and help my children with their learning but with this beautiful weather over the Easter holidays I have been in my garden.  I’ve been busy sowing seeds (tomatoes, peas, beans, courgettes and peppers)and we were super excited to see a bean popping out of its case this morning!
My Wisteria vine is my pride and joy, I bought it a couple of years ago and this year it has produced the most beautiful flowers.

Some of you know I enjoy music and every so often I hide away and play my instruments.  I played ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ on my saxophone a couple of weeks ago when it was time to Clap for the NHS.  It was a little bit strange standing in my doorway playing to my neighbours but I think they enjoyed it!  

I also had my lockdown birthday at the weekend, it was a bit boring but I enjoyed watching Phantom of the Opera on YouTube and singing out loudly to the well known songs.  If you have your birthday in lockdown then maybe we should have another one later in the year! 😉

Take care, 


Ms Garvey

Tuesday 21st April 2020


This morning I had a lovely walk to the beach and back.  The picture shows the view heading west.


Thank you for completing your online work.  We are doing very well with the tournaments and are only 600 points behind Mr Staveley's class.  Try joining in if you can.  I have also received some work from RH that I have added below.  I think you have done a fantastic job on these!


I hope you are having a lovely day.  Please send me an email, if you have time.

Kilve beach

Monday 20th April 2020


Dear Banksy Class,


What a start to the week we have had!  I have been very busy today replying to your emails!  It was lovely to hear from you and see what you have been doing.  Please try to send me a photograph of your work or a few sentences about what you have been up to.  


I have also given feedback to your MyMaths activities.  Some of you have completed all of them, which is amazing!


It's another tournament this week on TTRockstars and we have started very well!  Eleven of you have taken part so far and we are winning both games at the moment.  I will keep you posted with the ongoing scores each day.


I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather!  


Please take care and stay safe!


Miss Lockwood


TTRockstars Tournament

Sunday 19th April 2020



Dear Banksy class,


Good news!! We have an email address where you can send me messages about the learning you have been doing this week. So far, I have had emails from JWE, EC and WB, so it will be nice to hear from the rest of you. 


Perhaps you have a question or just want to show me something? Use this email address to get in touch! I am going to ask you to send me an email of something you have completed that you are proud of this week. Each week I'll be asking you to send me a piece of your work based on the Learning Project I am asking you to do. Can't wait to see all your work!


Here is the email address. Please put your class teacher's name in the subject.


If your parents are happy for it to be put up on this page, please ask them to give permission and hopefully we can have a collection of the work you have been doing.



Try to go on TTRockstars this week to take part in the tournament and work on your heatmat targets. Here is the class one:

Friday 17th April 2020


A quick thank you to JWe and WB for sending me an email.  It was lovely to see what you have been up to!


More thank yous to the following children, who have completed all of their MyMaths activities: EC, FF, RH, CJ, MM, KN, JP, RP and JWe.  More activities have been added, starting on Monday.


Today, is definitely a stay inside day! I got drenched walking my dog this morning and it was a stark contrast to yesterday's weather!


I have two pictures to show you today.  One is a fossil I found yesterday morning and the other is taken from Kilve Court, who have very kindly opened an area of their grounds so we can walk safely without meeting anyone.  They have a maze which I am hoping to explore when the weather improves.


Hopefully you are all safe and well.  


Take care,


Miss Lockwood

Wednesday 15th April 2020


This morning, I headed west from my village for a very long walk.  The photograph was taken from the top of a ridge.  On the left, you can see the Quantock Hills and in the distance is Exmoor.  On the very right, if you zoom in, you can see a hazy white.  That is the dome of Butlins, at Minehead.  The village is Watchet.


I hope you are all well.  Try to do some of the online learning this week, if you can.

Tuesday 14th April 2020


Good morning!  I hope you all had a lovely Easter and are still enjoying your chocolate eggs!


Due to the lovely weather, I spent the Easter weekend in the garden and managed to read four books!  Unfortunately I can't quiz on them, but I'm sure I would have scored well!  Thank you to WB, MM and FF for completing an AR quiz in the last week.  If you have the chance to do one, then that would be fantastic!  Luckily, we have WB in the class, as he has completed more quizzes than everyone else added together!  Thank you WB!


Last week's TTRockstars tournaments saw us beat Mrs Palmer's class but lose to Mr Staveley's class.  I will start new tournaments next week, so hopefully more children can take part.  Thank you to MM, BC, JP, WB and JS for completing a Soundcheck in the last 7 days.  Hopefully you are all managing to find time to continue working on your tables.


Mrs Palmer has put lots of activities on MyMaths.  Remember to go through the teaching activity first as some of the topics are from earlier this term.  There are also some activities that cover the work that we would be doing next term, so you will definitely need to use the lesson first.  I will leave individual feedback on MyMaths for each of you.


This morning, I went for a walk to the village next to ours.  The walk took me through fields and woods and I saw deer, squirrels, sheep and cows along the way.  Hopefully you are managing to get outside to enjoy the sunny but rather cold weather this week!


Take care and keep safe,


Miss Lockwood



Living in the countryside means that I can walk for an hour without meeting anyone!  This is a photograph from a walk with my dog at the weekend.  Hopefully you are managing to find somewhere to walk safely.  Take care, Miss Lockwood.

Monday 6th April 2020


Good afternoon Banksy class,


Today I have been doing some online learning about teaching mathematics.  This has involved watching some videos and reflecting on what we do in class.  We have had several courses suggested and I will working my way through them over the next few weeks.  I have also got some work to do on RE and French, so will not be getting bored over the weeks to come.


Mrs Palmer has set some new tasks on MyMaths that will be starting on Wednesday.  Thank you for completing the ones set and well done for trying the challenging ones more than once.  I have started some battles on TTRockstars against the other Year 4 classes, so if you get the chance try to add to our score.  I will be keeping an eye on how that goes and up date this page with the scores.  Currently Mr Staveley's class is winning both of its battles with an amazing score of 1065! We are slightly ahead of Mrs Palmer's class with a score of  441.  Thank you to those children who have played so far (FF, JWe, MM, RM and NF).


Thank you to EC for sending a photo of the activities that you have completed.  It was lovely to see some writing after two weeks off.  I think I am beginning to miss marking!


Take care and be good!  Look after your families and try to keep busy!


Miss Lockwood

Thursday 2nd April 2020


Dear Banksy class,


I hope you are all well!


This week has been very different to last week, as I have had to get used to being at home rather than in school.    I have managed to spend a lot of time in the garden and it is now looking quite impressive!  The village is very quiet and my dog has been missing the people walking past in the lane.  He is not happy that there have been very few people to bark at!


I have been keeping a close eye on your online work this week and have tried to feedback as quickly as possible on your MyMaths work.  Some of you have completed all of your activities and even managed to retry them in order to improve your scores.  Thank you for persevering with the challenging ones! 


I was also very pleased to see that more of you have completed AR quizzes this week!  11 of you have, which is an increase of 7 from last week.  Thank you to: EC, FF, RH, DL, MMc, MM, RP, PP, JS, AT and JWe.  Hopefully we can improve on that next week.  


Some of you have been completing a Soundcheck this week.  Thank you to: JWe, MM, RH, JS, FF, GS, MMc, DL, RM, RP and BC.  A special mention to RH for scoring 25 for the first time!  There are now 18 of you who have managed that, which is exceptional at this time of the school year!


Hopefully you are managing to fill your days with lots of fun!  It is hard not being in school and I am missing you all.  If you are able to send a picture of your home learning to the school home learning email, then I would love to see it!


Take care and see you soon,


Miss Lockwood

Welcome to the Banksy class page!

This term, we will be learning about the Romans.  We will find out where the Romans came from, how their empire expanded and how they lived. 

Roman Shields


This term, we have found out how the Romans used mosaics to decorate villas, amphitheatres and other Roman buildings.  We designed out own on paper, using coloured squares and by using a piece of square wood to print.