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Somerset Bridge Values
Aspire to be the best we can in our behaviour, our learning and our hopes and dreams.
Brave to challenge ourselves and take risks so that we achieve the best we can.
Care for our school environment, so that we maintain a safe, sustainable and healthy community and set an example for life choices both within and outside of school.
Collaborate with all members of the community – pupils, parents, staff, governors, neighbouring schools and organisations in the local area - ensuring that all contributions are encouraged and valued.

Miss Anderson – Galileo Class

Home Learning in Galileo Class





You were asked not to send in examples of work for a couple of weeks, but we're now ready to receive it!

Once again, please send us some examples of things you are proud of to our LKS2 email!


We do want to hear from you and we are concerned that we haven't heard from some of you since half-term. I will be phoning those of you who haven't contacted school via email since half term just for a quick check-in. We want to know you are okay and not weighed down with the pressure of home-schooling! If you need some support, please ask! 


If you're struggling to navigate the website, now the home learning has been moved from class pages, you just need to go HERE --->  to find the learning projects.


Mrs Palmer will continue to answer emails sent to the LKS2 page for now, and I know you will be kind and say hello to her when you send work in.


I am not going to add any more MyMaths homework, but you can always go on and investigate the website , and practise the homework yourself. Keep your skills up - you're going to Year 4 soon! 


With spellings, you have the Y3 spellings in the back of your homework books, as well as the resources on our sub-pages! And, please continue to use Times Tables Rockstars and Accelerated Reader - if you cannot access AR, this is a good reason to email Mrs Palmer!!


Keep going, everyone - remember to be kind, work and play a little every day, and don't forget to wash your hands! 


Thank you, parents and carers - you keep going too. You're doing a great job! 


Take care of yourselves, 


Miss Anderson

This week's learning

Billie (Royal family), Paul (Union Jack) and Livia (family firework celebration) have sent in entries for the Royal British Legion competition!

Old messages from your teacher

Home Learning Update

Dear Parents/Carers,

As some children will be returning to school on June 2nd, the way home learning is being provided will be changing due to most staff working with children in school.

Home learning projects will continue to be uploaded to the school website on a weekly basis and will now be for specific key stages, rather than year groups:  Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2), Lower Key Stage 2 (Years 3 and 4) and Upper Key Stage 2 (Years 5 and 6).

Instead of logging onto a specific class page to access the home learning, you will now need to go to the Children menu on the website  – Home Learning Projects and select the relevant key stage for your child.

We will continue to use the key stage email addresses, but these may not be answered from your child’s teacher.  The following teachers will respond to the emails:

Reception and Year 1 and 2 - Miss White

Year 3 and 4 - Mrs Palmer (Mr Staveley will continue to respond to any Nightingale emails)

Year 5 and 6 - Mr Staveley

It has been lovely to receive some of the children’s work, but we now ask that the home learning email addresses are no longer used for sending in children’s work. The named teachers will be available only for questions regarding the work set.

Key Stage 2 will no longer be setting weekly mymaths tasks, but please continue to use Times Tables Rockstars and Accelerated Reader.  There will also be no weekly spelling lists for classes. Please use the spelling tasks on each of the weekly projects to support practicing specific sounds and letter patterns alongside year group common exception words. 

Thank you for continuing to support you child/children with their home learning.

Many thanks



Hello again Galileo, 


I hope you didn't miss me too much last week - I had some time off, because I am in school this week during half-term! This is the last week before Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 are back in school, so today all the teachers were in school, socially distancing and getting our new classrooms ready. Next week I am teaching Reception in Mrs Argrave's Y2 classroom, and Mrs Argrave is teaching Year 1 in our Y3 classroom - it's all very topsy-turvy! 


I was interested to see that JK Rowling, author of Harry Potter fame, released a new book online today - well, at least, she released the first chapter today! She'll continue releasing chapters every day until it is finished - but there are no pictures! If you've ever been interested in illustrating stories, now might be a time to get involved because she is running a competition! Go and have a look! 


Click ----> The Ickabog


Have a great rest of the week! 


Miss Anderson

Spot the staff babies

It's half term so we thought you might like a fun activity to do.  In the first attached document you will see pictures of 29 of our staff as babies.  In the second document you will see the names of the staff.  Can you match the names to the correct staff pictures?  Look back here on Friday 29th May to check how many you got right.  Good luck!


Happy Sunday Galileo,


I hope you will join me in wishing Akeelah a very happy birthday today. You can see her fabulous birthday hair in our Gallery! 


This week we will be learning all about celebrations, so hopefully you will all have a very awesome week! 


In addition, there is a competition going on - to name an ice-cream cart. Send in your super ideas to our email and we'll see if it wins! 


I hope you are all staying alert - and I hope to catch you on Zoom, this Tuesday. 


Miss Anderson



Good evening Galileo,


It was nice to see some of you this afternoon at our Zoom meeting - to those of you who weren't there, maybe next time!


You might have noticed that some planets have arrived on this page! Well, I hope you noticed them! I have moved some things for so we can find them more easily. Galileo's Gallery (Earth) is the new home of all your photos and work sent in to me! Please do check out the other pages - there might be some things you are forgetting about, or haven't done for a while! This week's SPAG links are now up too!


I am pretty impressed with the whole of Y3 for coming together to battle it out in the TT Rockstars competition! Keep going, you guys - it's good to see Kenzie and Noah up there at the top! I want to say a big HELLO to Gracie-Lou who's entered the game too - long time no see!


Miss Anderson



Hi Galileo, 


So we're stepping gracefully into Week 8 now, with a whole new week of learning around the theme of FOOD. Mhmmmm ... delicious! Can't wait to see what you produce - just sad I won't be able to taste it! 


I have been very brave and challenged Y4, Y5 and Y6 to a TT Rockstars Tournament with Y3. We may lose, but have a go (or ten) and we won't do too badly! 


I need to direct you to the FANTASTIC VE Day display Poppy T's family had outside their house! Her daddy is very keen on Armed Forces memorabilia, so had access to her own private museum at home! Scroll down to the Gallery to see them. 


I'll see lots of you on Zoom on Tuesday at 2pm - remember our theme of SOMERSET DAY - are you painting a dragon? I'll be sending out invitations and emails to those who have come before on Monday after 3:30pm - if you're not on my list, be sure to email me before that! (All details below.)


Take care, 


Miss Anderson


It's the 75th Anniversary of VE DAY!

I know many of you have been working hard this week, finding out some things about World War 2, and I hope it's been enjoyable too. My Mum's been getting the Daily Mail newspaper every day, and this week they have been publishing their headlines and news stories from 75 years ago, which has been very interesting to read - I have saved them for school. 


Some of you who challenged me to a Rock Slam on TT Rockstars will be delighted to see that I have now discovered how to respond!!! It's only taken me six months, haha! (My excuse is that I only play it on the ipad, but I needed the laptop to see the multiplayer options!) I am a bit rusty, but I am getting my skills up on both TT Rockstars and Numbots (I'm on Tin 9, if you're interested). This is a gentle reminder to you all to get in the Garage, Studio and Soundcheck - only 5-10 minutes every day! 


I've had a real mix of work sent in this week, which you can see in our gallery below! Cooking has been popular - and lots of research and writing! I hope you enjoy seeing what people have been up to, and if you are inspired to do something similar, some links are below! 


Miss Anderson


Guten abend Galileo,


SO ... I have ONE entry for the VE Day competition! ONE! There's a £25 prize, you know - and you have until tomorrow to get your entries in! You could at least try! 


Something else you might like to have a go at is applying for a Blue Peter Badge. This is something you can't do through school, but with all the fab work you're sending in to me, I am SURE that you could all be getting some fabulous Blue Peter recognition for your efforts! And, as a bonus, Blue Peter badges would get you free entry into a lot of attractions once the lockdown has ended! Talk to your parents about it! 


Good news! Due to the success of our Zoom meeting on Tuesday, they will definitely be going ahead every week. See the Zoom section below for details - including our focus for next week - Somerset Day! 


Miss Anderson


Woohoo Galileo! 


So we managed our first Zoom meeting without too many technical issues! I am pleased to say that I did not look like this when it finished! No no no, I was fine! 

Thank you all for contributing, with your families, your pets, your dance, your work, your smiles and your kindness for each other - it was lovely to see so many of you, and I can tell how much you miss seeing your friends. 


I'm proud of you all. 


Miss Anderson



Happy Star Wars Day Galileo,


Those of you whose parents have told me you'd like to come to our ZOOM meeting should now have received an invitation sent to the email you requested from. That's 15 members of Galileo class for this first meeting. If you have not received an invitation and you requested one, please email me. 


Also invited are Mr Bryant and Miss Harrington, who may or may not join us, since there are 3 meetings going on at the same time and they cannot be everywhere! Miss Watkins will definitely be joining us! 


See you tomorrow, Zoomers! 


Miss Anderson


Good afternoon Galileo, 


I'd like to say thank you to those of you who are joining us (and those who've sent apologies) for Tuesday's Zoom meeting. Miss Watkins and I are super excited to see you! We are expecting [edit: 15] children (with their parents in the room) so far, but you still have time. Email me before 3:30pm Monday if you can join us! 


Enjoy Week 7's planning on VE day - we have a drawing competition you can enter! Good luck if you enter - I'll put up all entries on here anyway, so we can appreciate them! 


Have a great week!


Miss Anderson


Happy May Day Galileo! 


There's no dancing round the maypole for us with our social distancing, but we can still enjoy the sight of others doing it! See the video below!


We now have 10 children signed up for the first Zoom meeting on Tuesday at 2pm, so if you want to join in and haven't asked your parents to email me yet, please do so! You have until 4pm on Monday, and after that I'll be sending out the invitations! 


[Edited to add: I have now uploaded the latest work sent to me from this week - I hope you enjoy looking at it, I certainly did!]


Have a lovely weekend! 


Miss Anderson

Maypole Dance - The School in Rose Valley

Have a look at this


Hello Galileo, 


We have some exciting news! Check out the news below and maybe I'll see you next week!


Miss Anderson

Exciting news!

We are offering you the opportunity to meet with your teacher and your classmates using Zoom. The meetings will take place next week on:

Monday 11am – Reception classes

Monday 2pm – Year one classes

Tuesday 11am – Year two classes

Tuesday 2pm – Year three classes

Wednesday 11am – Year four classes

Wednesday 2pm – Year five classes

Thursday 11am – Year six classes

The meetings will last for a maximum of 30 minutes, the focus of the meeting will be to say hello and share what you’ve been learning at home. If you would like to join in with a meeting you need to ask your parents to send an email to - please put Galileo ZOOM as your subject title!


I would like to know if you want to join the meeting by Monday 4th May. I will then send out your invitations for Tuesday afternoon. 


On Tuesday 5th May you will need to click on the link in the email I send you so that you can join the meeting at 2pm.   At the meeting you will need to know that;

  • The meeting must not be recorded.
  • You will need to think carefully about where you are when you join the meeting and what you are wearing so that you are ready to meet with all of your classmates.
  • Your parents need to be present in the room where you have the meeting.
  • Teachers will lock the meeting once everyone has joined so that no-one can join who hasn’t been invited.
  • Teachers will be able to remove or mute people who do not follow the rules.
  • Parents need to read Zoom’s terms and conditions, so they are sure of what Zoom is all about.


Hopefully see you there!


Hi Galileo, 


I hope you've enjoyed looking at some of the home learning going on. It's been very interesting for me to see what you're all up to, and I wish we could all join in with some of your learning! I'm very proud of all of you - keep sending me your thoughts and work this next week.


Don't forget that you can also improve your handwriting at home, instead of rushing through written work as fast as possible - slow down and think about the shapes of your letters, remembering capital letters for names and the beginning of sentences. Don't forget the basics! 


Miss Anderson


こんにちは (Konnichi wa) Galileo, 


I am delighted to present your home learning! Thank you so much to all those who sent in emails, photos, pictures and work. Let's all enjoy them! Scroll down to just below the spellings to see them.


A HUGE well done to all of you who have helped us win the Y3 TTRockstars competition! Details below! 



To those of you who are aware we had a staff biscuit-making competition, I did not win, that honour went to Mrs Mahoney in the Pastoral team with her flour-free peanut butter cookies! Pictures of both below, mine are the colourful flowers! 


Miss Anderson 



Cześć Galileo, 


It's been a busy and delightful week, getting lots of mail from many of you! Good to know you're still out there and doing some awesome stuff! I'll be putting things online tomorrow so you can all see what others are doing. Perhaps it will inspire you to try some new stuff? 


I wanted to let you know that I've added some new links to our Helpful Links section below, since I thought you might all be missing singing assembly and making music.


Sing up have made a 'Sing up at home' page and you can enjoy some relaxing, inspiring, silly or get up and go music, and join in learning some songs for all different ages. No sign in necessary.


Charanga have also got an 'at home' area of their website, but you'll need to sign in. I've put some songs for different age groups on there, but they also have a whole unit of work for some songs - ours is 'Bringing us together'. For those of you with a recorder, I have also added a Recorder book so that you can learn to play. Go to and use our class username p1123171 and password peach.


If you find you're loving the Charanga work, I can give you a personal username and password, and you can begin to explore Charanga Music World. This would help anyone who wants to learn an instrument and just loves playing music - email me and ask for the details, but try out the stuff already there first!! Enjoy, there's lots to explore!


Miss Anderson


Guten tag Galileo,

How delightful it was to get emails from so many of you already! I hope to hear from all of you as time goes on. At the end of the week, I'll put up some of the lovely work you've done on this week's learning project on Animals and anything else you send in - it really made me smile to see your work. 


I am ENORMOUSLY proud of those of you who have already joined in with our TTRockstars war against Windsor and Armstrong ... we're winning (so far)! Remember you can join in more than once and all scores count toward our class total - even 1 point will help us! 


Have a great week! 


Miss Anderson



Hola Galileo, 


These are very strange times we are living in, and I am missing coming into school and seeing you all. However, we have some good news for you! You can now send me messages about the learning you have been doing! 



We have a new email account so that you can contact me directly, and I can respond! You might have a question, or maybe you just want to show me something ... perhaps it will be a photo of something you've made, or a powerpoint you've done, or a diary of your day, or even a story you've written - so many possibilities! 


Here is the email address.  Please put 'Miss Anderson' in the subject, when you get in touch.


Each week I'll be asking you to send me a piece of work based on that week's Learning Project. I can't wait to see all your work!


Please send me an email of something you have completed that you are proud of. This week it will be something to do with animals. In my garden I am trying to attract birds, so I think my project will definitely be bird-related. I wonder what your project will include, especially since lots of you have pets! 


I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Miss Anderson


[Edited to add: I have instigated a Tournament on TTRockstars with Windsor class - it will start Monday at 9am, and finish on Friday at 3pm. Have a go and do your best, they'll be tough to beat but if we all help we can do it! I am rooting for you!]


Bonjour la classe, 


I've been looking at our TT Rockstars heat map - this is the whole class one. 

I can see is that there is no green (again, this is our whole class - you might have some green on your own map). I am not worried about the yellow areas particularly, but we have some orange and red in our 2s, 5s and 10 times tables. We need to be MUCH quicker with these, especially those 5s! 


Let's spend the next week really just focussing on 2s, 5s and 10s in Hit the Button, and see if we can get faster and more accurate with these! Look at your own heat maps ont he Me tab, and let's get less red, more yellow, and maybe even some green!


Before I go I just want to say a HUGE well done to Rose, who shaved 22 seconds off her best Studio time, and to Poppy T, who shaved off 15 seconds! AAAA-MAY-ZING! Great work, girls! Tyler and Joshua are improving on a less dramatic scale, but well done to Carmen, who managed to get her first Studio score - we only have four people who still haven't done that now! Get in the Studio! A massive congratulations go to Kenzie too - he has fully COMPLETED the Garage training. What a superstar! Now you only need to get faster in the Studio and you'll be ready for anything!


Best wishes, 


Miss Anderson


Dear Galileo, 


Well this is Week Four, and time is marching onward. I hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend doing things at home, which saved lives and protected the NHS. If you're eating many Easter eggs, remember to run around and use all that chocolate energy! 


Last week at school, we had some fun: we made Easter biscuits and chocolate nests for us to eat, and bird feeders for all the nesting birds with their babies. We made some powerpoints, helped out with MyMaths homework, quizzed, and found time for TTRockstars and Numbots. We had such good weather we were outside for a lot of the time, with a picnic lunch every day. On Thursday, we held a mini-Sports Day, with Bean Bag Throw, Hoopla and an Obstacle course - and of course, some races! We went a little crazy with stickers afterwards! 


It's been very good to hear the news about Boris Johnson coming home from hospital, having been looked after brilliantly by our doctors and nurses. Let's hope that in the days to come, the news about more people recovering from this illness will be forthcoming!


Have a good week,


Miss Anderson


Good morning Galileo, 


Well, I'm in school this week, and I'm going to be keeping very careful and safe, as I hope you are too. 


Here's a challenge for you: 



Best wishes, 


Miss Anderson


Good afternoon, Galileo, 


I was delighted to see the return of the sunshine today, so enjoyed my first ice-cream of the year on my daily walk through the park today. What have you been up to? I have heard whispers that we're going to be asking you to share some of your activities soon ... no details on that yet, but I'm excited to see what you're up to!


Next week I'm in school with Miss French and Miss Gibbs, so am looking forward to seeing some people then! Maybe I can share some of those things on here so you can see what we're up to. I'm thinking we might have to organise a few battles on TTRockstars, and get a little competition going ... what do you think? 


Let me give you a riddle. Can you solve this? I'm in the four times table, but can't be divided by eight. I am more than half a century. Some people would say I'm unlucky quadruple times! What number am I?


Good luck working it out! 


Miss Anderson


Bonjour Galileo, 


So, week 2 of lockdown ... what sort of things has it brought for you? In my house I've been inspired to sort through clothes and recycle ones I don't wear, and try making some delicious bread. In my garden, I've been fighting with the weeds, so I have a lot of scratches ... but my garden looks better!


I've been looking at your online work - and would like to give Dylan a big shout out for getting enough Studio time in TTRockstars - you're in with a good start time, Dylan! Getting speedier are this week's high flyers: Poppy B, Alfie and Tyler! In AR, more people are quizzing, which is good to see - but I hope the rest of you are all reading! Do try not to stretch yourselves too far when reading to quiz - stay within your level! 


Stay safe and well, 


Miss Anderson


Happy Friday, Galileo! 


So you made it through the first week of lockdown! Brilliant stuff - I am sure some things have been hard for you, like having to spend all your time with the same people, or maybe having to do so much work at home, perhaps even not getting to do as much of your own choosing? These are trying times for us all - but remember, trials and tribulations come to everyone! Remember to be brave and talk about your feelings, don't hide them! 


I have a few things to celebrate this week, firstly a big shout out to Billie, who has done FIVE quizzes this week! I am very proud!  What a star! Not many others quizzing, I have to say ... I hope you are all enjoying your books so much you can't bear to put them down! 


Well done to some of you for logging in to TT Rockstars and doing a Soundcheck. This will help you! Don't forget to get in the Studio. Well done to Poppy T though, you've got your start speed now! But there are still 7 children who don't have an initial score. See if you can fix that over this coming week! Looking at the results of Studio, I can see that we have some children getting faster and more accurate! - so well done to Kenzie, Alfie, Noah, Calleigh, and Akeelah


Lots of people have been engaging in MyMaths so that's been great! I'll be marking it later today (some are already marked) and adding some more homework for next week - remember you can do them more than once if you don't get full marks - practise helps, it's not cheating!


Finally, Happy Birthday to Ava! I am sure all of Galileo joins me in wishing you a lovely day! 


Have a great weekend everyone - keep washing those hands and stay safe! 


Miss Anderson


Good afternoon Galileo, 


It's been a quiet day here working from home, and I haven't yet gone outside in the sunshine, so I am going to do that in a moment. I hope you are getting fresh air and exercise too. 


If you scroll down this page, you can see that I have made a list of the Oxford Owl books which can be quizzed on, with their AR levels and the age range you can find them in. Remember, when you quiz, have the book open to refer to ... if it's not possible on your device, read it a few times before you quiz, so that your memory will be ready for the challenge! 


Happy Wednesday, all. 


Miss Anderson



Hello Galileo, 


I hope you're all keeping safe and well, looking after each other and being kind. Remember to get some fresh air since we have this lovely weather - if you're stuck for something to do, reading in the sunshine is always a pleasure. Which weird or wonderful place will you find to read today?


Keep smiling,


Miss Anderson

Spring Term

Painting our Diwali lamps

Year 3 has started off at a gallop in Galileo class, with lots of things to learn and remember. So far, the children have embraced all the challenges of KS2 with bravery, collaborating in our learning, caring about each other and aspiring to get better every day. I am very proud of them all.

Welcome to Galileo class

Galileo Galilei was an Italian astronomer, mathematician, scientist and engineer. He was a busy man! Born over 450 years ago, he had a curious mind and a natural gift for observation. When something interested him, he tried to find out how it worked - and he was not alone, lots of other people were doing the same sort of thing too. Galileo liked to read what other people thought and check to see if they were right. He wanted to find out the truth. 


In Galileo class, we will endeavour to be as curious and interested in the world as Galileo was; always seeking the truth!