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Hawking Class - Mrs Argrave

!!-3-19 Science Week

This week we have had great fun predicting, carrying out experiments and recording our results. We have watched dancing raisins, blown up a balloon with just yeast and sugar and made amazing patterns using Skittles and warm water. The children have produced some wonderful work that I have enjoyed 'showing off' to other members of staff. Let's hope that we have inspired the next generation of scientists that will change the world!

Welcome to Hawking Class

Welcome to Hawking Class 1

In Art, we have been having fun designing and creating our own carnival masks.

In Art, we have been having fun designing and creating our own carnival masks. 1
In Art, we have been having fun designing and creating our own carnival masks. 2
In Art, we have been having fun designing and creating our own carnival masks. 3
The children had great fun designing, using paper-mache to strengthen and painting their own carnival masks. With Obama class, we also created a giant mask that is currently on display in Bridgwater Library.

Using chalk to create a black-hole.

Using chalk to create a black-hole. 1
Using chalk to create a black-hole. 2
The children experimented using chalks to create their very own black-hole. They also gave the other Year 2 classes a presentation on Stephen Hawking.


Maths 1
Maths 2
Maths 3
Maths 4
In Maths this term, we have been learning to add and subtract using the column method. We are currently investigating multiplying using grouping and arrays.

Being safe on-line

Being safe on-line 1
Being safe on-line 2
The children have been using Drama to investigate how they can keep themselves safe on-line. We helped Smartie the penguin to make the right choices.


Science 1
In Science, we have been learning about the difference between things that are alive, dead and never been alive. We then moved on to investigating the 7 life processes that all living things need to survive. Ask your child about MRS GREN and see if they can remember all 7!


English 1
English 2
English 3
The children have worked very hard to learn about the purpose of inverted commas and how to use them in their writing. We started by placing speech in a speech bubble, then wrapping what a character says in inverted commas. Finally, they wrote sentences independently using all of their learned skills.


History 1

In History this term, we have been 'Time-Travellers. We had a wonderful lesson investigating rationing, where the children were given different foods that were rationed in the war and they were asked to share them between the seven days of the week to feed their families. They had great fun trying to divide and egg into seven! 

We then used more rationed food to create our own soup. They children had great fun preparing and cooking the ingredients.