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Somerset Bridge Values
Aspire to be the best we can in our behaviour, our learning and our hopes and dreams.
Brave to challenge ourselves and take risks so that we achieve the best we can.
Care for our school environment, so that we maintain a safe, sustainable and healthy community and set an example for life choices both within and outside of school.
Collaborate with all members of the community – pupils, parents, staff, governors, neighbouring schools and organisations in the local area - ensuring that all contributions are encouraged and valued.

Galileo's Gallery

Week 9's work

Alfie has had a very creative lockdown. He has been doing lots of sketches, particularly of dragons. He researched Aboriginal Statues and created one himself. The second picture shows his planet mobile.

Billie did lots of research on how countries around the world celebrate birthdays. She presented this in a PowerPoint presentation.

Noah has been busy making flapjack but also doing some planting and decorating his own plant pots.

Rose has been using 'ictgames' online to practise her spellings. Great effort!

Billie created a model of Stonehenge and recorded some facts on Summer solstice. Very creative.

Week 8's work

Akeelah's had rainbow hair done for her birthday on Sunday - SUPERWOW!!! Also she wrote a recipe and created this lovely poem - all her own work!

Rafi has sent in a million picture (either that or I can't count). He's been cooking pancakes, corn fritters, scrambled eggs and pasta. He's also done ALL the work in the world about food!! (And a little Time.) Wow!

Rose has been doing well at her spellings - online! She's also created a dragon for Somerset Day!

Finley has been doing some amazing stuff, making bunting for VE Day, dragons for Somerset Day, categorising fruit and veg, working on time problems and a very close visit to some swans!

Paul's done some cooking this week for our Food-themed learning - muffins AND stew. Delicious! His soldier costume also arrived - doesn't he look great!

Poppy's taken some time to do some lovely cooking - apparently the chocolate chip muffins were delicious! Can you guess how old Poppy was in the picture of her on the motorbike?

Livia and her brother (and Mum) have sewn a fantastic dragon for Somerset Day! SKILLS! I am sew impressed! (See what I did there?)

Billie is being creative this week - painting her mum in the style of Picasso, creating a full fruit bowl out of plasticine, drawing and labelling the digestive system and doing some super taste experiments!

Week 7's work

Poppy T's amazing VE Day display outside her house - did you see it on your walks?

Livia has been doing some amazing work - decoding messages with Morse, finding out the meanings of some WW2 words, creating a super model of a Spitfire plane, cooking something PINK, doing her MyMaths and spellings! What a trooper!

Rafi's been embracing the WW2 theme with some 'War Recipe' pancakes, some research into WW2 words and VE Day activities - including a party!

Rose has been super-busy: cooking carrot cake with her brother and writing the recipe, finding out the meanings of wartime words and learning some WW2 facts, practising her spellings, learning about the water cycle. She also found time to make a card tower ... phew!Rose has been super-busy: cooking carrot cake with her brother and writing the recipe, finding out the meanings of wartime words and learning some WW2 facts, practising her spellings, learning about the water cycle. She also found time to make a card tower ... phew!

Aiden's been doing a lot of work this week - in addition to the WW2 work in the pdf, he's also been doing some work on time, the water cycle and finishing a recycling poster!

Akeelah has been doing lots since Lockdown started. Cooking, writing a diary, making rainbows, learning about recycling and making models! She's also been studying the water cycle and the human body - all super stuff! You've been working hard!

Paul has cracked some Morse code secrets and created a model of a Spitfire plane.

Billie has been doing some work for VE day, writing a letter as an evacuee and answering our WW2 maths quiz. She also made some bunting and did a little FizzPop D&T/Science on the side!

Anthony found and wrote out a recipe for Rabbit Stew - I don't know if he made it, but it sounds delicious!

Week 6's work

Rafi's also been making a Recycling Mascot. Be careful ... this one eats!

Poppy T's been creating some beautiful poetry, writing about her books and creating a fantastic bird feeder! So industrious! Awesome!

Paul has helped sort the recycling this week, and made a super mascot - so BIG! Great job, Paul!

Joshua's been doing some geography, cooking (and eating) chocolate rice crispy cakes, and designing and making a super recycling robot ... out of recycling!

Anthony's been doing some excellent work on time, practising his handwriting and writing a story about his goldfish, Goldy.

Billie's been busy with estimating and measuring, doing some geography mapwork and looking at gravity with Fizz Pop science!

Zachary's been doing some great outdoor learning working towards his Cubs badges. He has been recycling old tins: one to make a little stove - you can see him cooking taco mix over it - and one to make a pretty lantern! He's also been doing some spelling and grammar work using an old BBC show on Youtube. Every episode (there were ten) he wrote a summary of what happened! Fantastic commitment, Zachary!

Kenzie's been doing some great geographical work, looking at some facts about extreme weather and studying the water cycle! Interesting stuff!

Rafi used Franz Marc's 'Dog lying in Snow' (pictured below) as the inspiration for his own painting. Looking good!

Rose has done a lot of work on the environment, you can see the plan and final poster here. She's also been writing a bit of a diary as letters to her sister, and done some funky spelling patterns.

Ava's made a great ENVIRONMENT poster about the reasons why we should not litter our beaches. Take your rubbish home!

Week 5's work

Billie is a super-busy girl, doing lots of activities and photographing everything: rainbow art, Top Trumps, food chains, growing herbs, haiku and writing about giraffes and a fantasy beast! She's also made a Franz Marc powerpoint with help from her sister!

Zachary has been outside, making a super bug hotel. This is excellent design and technology, using tools and great ideas to make a useful and beautiful garden ornament!

Ava has made a fantastic cat information poster using Word, with lots of facts and pictures from the internet - lots of computing skills involved!

Aiden has been doing a lot of work! Art in the style of Franz Marc, writing emails to family members, finding out about his family tree and creating a superb haiku poem about a golden eagle!

Finley has been doing some fantastic art, a hedgehog inspired by Andy Goldsworthy, and doing an awesome self-portrait! Missing that school uniform!

Rafi has been doing some investigation and research, writing a leaflet about our local area, doing some Top Trumps, exploring Earth Day and finding out about St George's day!

Rose has been planting seeds, hoping for spring onions, carrots and tomatoes. She's also written some terrific instructions for looking after dogs, and created a fantasy monster.

Paul has been discovering giant anthills in the woods, and also designing the cutest fantasy pet!

Poppy T's been working hard on her animal project, with Top Trumps and a food chain pyramid!

Alfie's been reading a great deal, working his way through the Multi-Storey Treehouse books. These are the books he's read so far - what an achievement!

Joshua has been exploring architecture, addresses and other local geography by looking at his own home! He too has been making Animal Top Trumps!

Noah has been making Top Trumps about animals, but he's also made a Bug Hunt game with his brother, using tally marks to count what they found!

Kenzie has been creating some gorgeous animal art - love that horse, it looks like it has wings!

Dylan has been doing some lovely art, designing a fantasy creature and writing to his auntie!