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Welcome to the Somerset Bridge eCadets page, our team of online safety experts who will be guiding our school and helping us to learn all about how to stay safe online.


If you scroll down the page, you will find lots of facts and information about online safety and useful websites and documents.


This year we welcomed and enrolled new eCadets across Key Stage 2.

We started the year by creating an online safety powerpoint to show at parent's evening.  Each slide gave advice to parents.  Here are some of them:

eCadet Class Lessons

The eCadets meet weekly as a group.  Whatever aspect of online safety we have been learning about, we feedback to our class.  Most weeks, the eCadets run an eCadet lesson in their own class.

Recently, the e-cadets showed everyone how to delete and remove photos and videos off the school tablets.  They educated their class on the importance of doing this.  It was important for the children to be aware of safety reasons why the tablets needed to be wiped on a regular basis.


eSports is a relatively new concept and is something that most if not all of the e-cadets could relate to.  They discussed their experiences, knowledge and ideas about the different aspects of eSports/gaming with their classes.

E-cadet whole school assemblies

Every term the e-cadets do a whole school assembly.  There is a different online safety focus each time.  

This year so far, the e-cadets have shared their knowledge on gaming, pegi ratings, how to stay safe online, live streaming, sharing posts online, cyber bullying and screen time.
Most recently the e-cadets looked at what made a good digital citizen.  They worked very hard to film children across the school.  The individuals explained what they thought made a good digital citizen.


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Useful sites

The e-cadets are very clued up on e-safety and share their knowledge with their classes on a regular basis.  Each class engages in e-safety lessons on a regular basis too.  Here are some age appropriate sites.

Key Stage 1

This is a great introduction for younger children as they help Smartie the Penguin learn how to stay safe when using his computer and playing on the internet.

Smartie the Penguin

These adventures are created for infant children. They are guided through many E Safety areas as they watch Hector and his friends learn how to use their computers safely!

Hector's World website


Key Stage 2

Junior children can explore The SMART Crew Adventures which includes the real life SMART Crew of young people who guide the cartoon characters in their quest and help them make smart online decisions.

Adventures of Kara and the Smart Crew

The cyber café is aimed at 8-10 year olds. It offers visitors the chance to explore the many different areas of personal computing such as emails, online chats and searching the web.

Cyber Cafe