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At the beginning of the year, Somerset County Council came in to school to carry out a ballot to pick our School Councillors. This is made up of 2 children from each class who attend a weekly meeting to discuss their thoughts, ideas and suggestions from the other children in their class.

The Councillors organise charity events in school, monitor healthy eating/lunchtimes as well as a number of other initiatives and ideas that are raised in the meetings.

The role of the School Council is important at Somerset Bridge as it provides the children with a platform from which their voices can be heard.

The School Councillors organised a Somerset Bridge Bake off.

They decided the theme would be 'The Olympics'.

Mr Bryant and Mrs Harper judged the bakes on their appearance and taste.


The winners were:

Key Stage One and Foundation stage

Appearance: Winners Flame - Nursery

Taste: Triple Effort - Mrs Robinson's class


Key Stage Two

Appearance: Team GB - Miss White's class

Taste: Rio - Miss Lockwood's class.


Well done to all of the children and staff for their efforts and enthusiasm.

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