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This half term we have been busy learning about our Topic which is 'The Victorians'. So far, we have discovered more about the differences between rich and poor families and what school would have been like for children at this time. We have also designed our own print blocks in the style of William Morris, a Victorian artist.


We have just begun our Science learning about forces and the children have enjoyed experimenting with Newton Meters. In particular, the children were keen to investigate which shoes created the most friction on different surfaces.


In Maths, we have learned how to order and compare larger numbers up to one million, how to interpret negative numbers and how to use our rounding skills to approximate numbers. We are now using written and mental methods to add and subtract increasingly large numbers and 'the Bar Model' to help us solve word problems.


The children have completed our first written unit all about 'Wishing Tales' with 'The Fisherman and his Wife' being our model text. We are now learning more about non-fiction texts and Non-Chronological Reports in particular. Our focus is sentence structure and using a variety of conjunctions to extend sentences.


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