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Cressida Cowell 


Welcome to Cressida Cowell class.  The children voted to be called Cressida Cowell class after the author who writes the 'How to Train Your Dragon' series.  The class decided that a dragon represent their learning;  the wings are how passionate they are; the body reflects their creativity; the tail balances their skills; and the head symbolises their aspirations.

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December 2017.
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Lydford Gorge

Lydford Gorge 1
Lydford Gorge 2
Lydford Gorge 3
Lydford Gorge 4
Lydford Gorge 5
Lydford Gorge 6
Lydford Gorge 7
Lydford Gorge 8



The class will receive an extra PE session every half term from the Sports Coaches to introduce them to new sports.  This week the children learnt some key skills and rules of Volleyball and Aussie Rules. Later in the term, there will be an intra house competition based on these sports.  

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