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Miss Brinsley

Thank you for all your donations towards Children in Need.

The children looked great and we've had a fun day!

What an amazing Art Day we had!

Carle class and Lewis class worked together bubble blowing, colour mixing, blow painting, researching Kandinskey and making huge art work using our hands and feet.

Art Day

Art Day 1
Art Day 2
Art Day 3
Art Day 4
Art Day 5
Art Day 6
Art Day 7
Art Day 8
Art Day 9
Art Day 10
Art Day 11
Art Day 12
Art Day 13
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Art Day 51
Art Day 52
Art Day 53

This week is Anti-Bullying week. Today we wore odd socks to school to remind us of this years focus 'All different, all equal'.

Thank you to all of the children who supported this event. 

Anti-bullying week 2017

Anti-bullying week 2017 1

We are following the JIGSAW scheme of work In PSHE (Personal Social Health Education).

We talked about our worries us, wrote them on stickers and attached them to balloons. We the let the balloons go and watched our worries disappear.

The children said they really enjoyed the activity and generally felt less worried. 

Letting go of our worries.

Letting go of our worries. 1
Letting go of our worries. 2
Letting go of our worries. 3
Letting go of our worries. 4
Letting go of our worries. 5
Letting go of our worries. 6

This year our class is called 'Carle class' after the author Eric Carle.

We decorated our door with 'Hungry Caterpillars'.

We also followed instructions and made Healthy caterpillars using strawberries, grapes and white icing. It was great fun!

Carle class

Carle class 1
Carle class 2
Carle class 3
Carle class 4
Carle class 5
Carle class 6
Carle class 7
Carle class 8
Carle class 9
Carle class 10
Carle class 11
Carle class 12
Carle class 13
Carle class 14
Carle class 15
Carle class 16
Carle class 17
Carle class 18
Carle class 19
Carle class 20
Carle class 21
Carle class 22
Carle class 23
Carle class 24
Carle class 25
Carle class 26
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