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Fleming Class - Miss Constable

Welcome to Fleming class. Please scroll down to find out what we've been doing in our class. 

At the start of the year, we found a WW2 Anderson shelter on the school field. We used this and what we found inside to start our new topic.

We had a visitor who was an evacuee during world war 2. She told us all about her experience.

Our class had some visitors to help us think about bullying and how we can prevent it in our school. We did lots of drama, made our own board games, and wrote a song!

We designed our own school uniforms and persuaded the class to buy them as part of our learning about persuasive writing.

We investigated how we can use the properties of solids and liquids to seperate mixtures, by trying to clean some very interesting water!

To start our Earth and Beyond topic, we visited WeTheCurious in Bristol for a planetarium experience. We enjoyed exploring the different exhibits, took part in a space themed workshop and had a 3D tour of the solar system in the planetarium dome.

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