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Extra-curricular Clubs

Autumn Term After School Clubs will start on Monday 17th September 2018. Teacher-led clubs will finish on Friday 7th September, and Sports Clubs will finish on Friday 21st September 2018.

Autumn Term After School Clubs


Order of songs: 

Merry Christmas Everyone

12 Days of Christmas

Carol of the Bells

Don't Worry, Mary

We are Camels

Born in a barn


Love has come

Jingle Bell Rock

Rockin' Around the Christmas tree

We wish you a Merry Christmas


14 The 12 days of Xmas.wma

Carol of the bells - Christmas Song.mp3

03 Don't Worry, Mary.mp3

06 We Are Camels.mp3

08 Born In A Barn.mp3

06 Kuyimba.wma

Love Has Come Vocal.mp3

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