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Bell Class - Mrs Moseley

Welcome to Bell class!

The children have been very busy since the start of term.

After some research, the children voted to call their class 'Bell' class after Alexander Graham Bell who was one of the first people to invent the telephone.  

Please enjoy looking through our different activities.  

Set Up Safe
Thank you to all the parents who attended our 'Set up Safe' meeting.  The mini police and e-cadets worked together to tell the parents about how to ensure their children stay safe online.

In Art, the children are learning to create tones and shades in preparation for reproducing Art in the style of Rousseau, the artist we are looking at this term.  They will use this skill to create a jungle display outside our classroom in the corridor.

The children have been exploring 'Kodu', they have been using the different tools to learn how to add characters, create a setting and program the characters to interact with each other.  
The children have been learning how to write a 'Rags to Riches' story.  They had great fun in the hot seat pretending to be one of the characters. 
Look in my book

It was very pleasing to see so many parents coming into the class room to look in the children's books.  The children are always very excited to show parents their work.  Look out for the next one on our newsletter.



During our Science lessons, the children have been learning about the human skeleton and skeletons of different animals.
Carnival in Bell class
Carnival time in our school is always very busy.  The children plan how they could build a Carnival Cart, what it will look like and they have to think carefully about the different materials they will need.  The end result was very good.
We have been using drama to learn a story from Poland.  First of all we need to make sure the children know the story really well.  They use a 'story map' to learn order of the story, then the children reenacted the 'Cobbler of Krakow' using plasticine figures.
Firework night always provides lots of opportunity for creative art.  Here, the children are creating their own 'wax resist' firework picture.
Lego Mind Storm Robots
Building a Lego robot has created much excitement in Bell class.  The children have worked tirelessly to build a complicated Lego robot that can be programmed.  Well done to everyone.
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