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Anning Class - Miss White

Welcome to Anning Class!


We are Anning class, named after the fossil hunter , Mary Anning. We have been inspired by her perseverance and bravery and have been very excited in learning about some of her discoveries. 
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We had a fantastic day with Simon Tipping from the Carnival Centre, who talked to us about things we would see in Space. We drew our own shapes and objects onto the material and then added brightly coloured paint. It looked amazing! 

Some of us took it to the carnival parade and now we can keep it for our classroom!

A Miracle in Town

Please see below links to the music for our Christmas play. Please use these to help learn the words and tunes at home. Feel free to sing along!

A Miracle in Town

Down in the Stable

Little Grey Donkey

Such a Perfect Moment

There's a Razzle and a Dazzle

Wonderful Camels

We'd Like to Tell You a Story

The Angel's Song

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